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ratlike rodent with soft fur and large ears of the Andes

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Abrocome, crocifisso presso le rive del Nilo, e infatti salvato dal provvidenziale intervento del fiume egiziano, che, invocato dal giovane come una divinita (4,2,4), dapprima lo trasporta senza danno fino al mare, e, poi, quando l'eroe e nuovamente catturato e messo al rogo, interviene con le sue acque per spegnere il fuoco della pira (4,2,8), dando luogo a un thauma che costringe i presenti a interrogarsi sulla reale colpevolezza di Abrocome (4,2,9-10).
Anthea was in everybody's mouth, but when Abrocomes arrived (parelthe) .
Abrocomes is described as the most handsome man who has ever lived in Ionia and, by extension, Asia (<tosoutou> kallous oute en Ionia oute en allei gei proteron genomenou .
Back to Xenophon of Ephesus, we find Anthea and Abrocomes bound for Rhodes, exchanging fervent oaths:
Anthea said this, and Abrocomes took an oath as well, and the occasion made their vows still more solemn (Xen.
As soon as they set foot on Rhodes, Anthea and Abrocomes dedicate to Helios a golden suit of armour, complete with an epigram of their own making.
After countless adventures, Abrocomes is back in Rhodes, on his way to native Ephesus.
Survive, Abrocomes, until you rear a tomb for Anthea, you mourn her, you bring your drink-offerings to her.
50) After building a big tomb for their parents, who have died of old age and sorrow, Anthea and Abrocomes live their life as if it were a never-ending feast, which was precisely their blessed status before their separation.
The cruel fate of Panthea and Abradates is always in the background, because Abrocomes, in his monologue, foresees precisely such an ending for his story.
Both Anthea and Abrocomes are clearly speaking names, and as no reader can fail to notice, Xenophon goes so far as to etymologise the name of Anthea, when he records that her body was in bloom (enthei).
My reason for saying this is that Anthea and Abrocomes are themselves both poets and objects of poetry.
66) On the one hand, Abrocomes, with smooth breathing, is a Persian name, associated with different people.