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a shortened version of a written work

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In three central chapters which focus on the novelistic practices of Samuel Richardson, Ann Radcliffe, and George Eliot, Price aligns the anthology with its disreputable cousins--the abridgment, the expurgated edition, the bowdlerization--in order to show how these little-studied forms exerted an influence on reading in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Possokhov uses excerpts from fellow Ukrainian Yuri Krasavin's film scores and abridgments of familiar Beethoven works.
The Court has declared some abridgments of this sort to be unconstitutional, correctly recognizing in passing that "the particular consumer's interest in the free flow of commercial information .
Rather, it seeks only to demonstrate that legislative and judicial abridgments of most expression rights would be proscribed a priori by a rational rule of constitutional contract.
utility-maximizing) individuals would adopt in order to protect private expression rights against arbitrary and coercive abridgment by the state.
Expression of this sort reduces the welfare of all individuals in the long run, and so is left vulnerable both to private tort action and to statutory abridgment in situations where abridgment is more efficient on balance than piecemeal litigation.
He advocates a near-libertarian commitment to the free market and fiercely opposes government abridgments of personal and economic freedom.
Such compendia of extracts have many potential disadvantages: statements taken out of immediate or historical context can be misinterpreted, abridgments of quootations can leave the reader wondering what has been left out.
From this firm in the course of more than a century have come many massive revisions and several abridgments of the dictionary, which has been acknowledged as supreme in its field.
of Kansas) translated the famous Latin epic in 2005, and here offers an abridgments of that translation (which was also published by Hacket Publishing Co.