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one who shortens or abridges or condenses a written work

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It seems unlikely that a memorial reconstructor or abridger would systematically interpolate widespread references altering Hamlet's age from older in Q2 to younger in the Q1 text he is preparing.
The later English abridger, William Hughes, commented that the
Although he provided no explicit evidence, Forand was correct to assert that al-Tabari, unlike his famous Mosuli abridger, Ibn al-Athir, did not copy from al-Azdi's work.' (17) Not only is the material characteristic of the Ta'rikh al-Mawsil--local information transmitted by local tradents--absent in al-Tabari, (18) but there is no reason to think that the work had even been composed when al-Tabari put down his pen in 302/915.
copyrightable work of authorship, assuming that the abridger had the
Jane Austen contrasts the 'thorough knowledge of human nature' that the 'young lady' will discover in the female-authored 'Cecilia, or Camilla, or Belinda' with the 'nine-hundredth abridger of the History of England, or [.
(15.) Goldsmith might well be that nine-hundredth abridger of the history of England that Austen had in mind in her defense of the novel in Northanger Abbey.
For King, the popularity of Foxe's text owes much to the collaborative conditions of its meaning and reception, whereby "generations of purchasers, donors, librarians, abridgers, readers, and hearers have joined commentators and abridgers in shaping and reshaping different versions of this book into divergent forms" (15).
Equally, however, especially as literary criticism itself became more professionalized toward the turn of the century, they resisted and denigrated popularizers such as abridgers, miscellanists and anthologists as light and derivative beings lacking properly literary seriousness.