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a shortened version of a written work

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He concedes that "the abridgement is too long" and indicates that "further constraints" might be needed, suggesting one possibility for discovery of those constraints: "present the abridgement to readers and ask them to highlight those sentences which they feel contribute most (or least) to their impressions of the story's development or dynamism" (161).
uk/johnfoxe) to a further five editions and several abridgements published during the next century.
Rather than bestowing rights, the first 10 Amendments in effect, establish guarantees and boundaries where government abridgements are prohibited.
Based on his examination of multiple copies of the nine early modern editions of The Book of Martyrs (the last in 1684) as well as abridgements, King's research addresses questions that only an exhaustive study of this book's multiple editions, sources, models, and analogues could answer: what kind of book is the Book of Martyrs, and how did it come to "exert a greater influence on the consciousness of early modern England than any other book aside from the English Bible and the Book of Common Prayer" (2)?
However, today with warrantless wiretaps and the unreliable information coming from Washington and the rushed and unread Patriot Act, it is hard to know which abridgements of freedom and privacy to accept and which to fight.
And the UK's largest youth drama festival, the Shakespeare Festival, returns in February with abridgements of four different Shakespeare plays performed by four local schools.
Price also shows that nineteenth-century readers used anthologies, abridgements, critical essays and reviews as substitutes for books (137-56), and she shows that publishers and critics exploited this use (141-42).
In its ongoing quest to introduce children to serious music, The Kids Collection has released a third CD of lively, age-appropriate abridgements of famous classical themes.
ViewSum's users can choose whether they want to have abridgements indicated on the original text or to receive a separate executive summary.
Members of Congress who want no abridgements of America's sovereignty can now fulminate that the United Nations is so anti-American that the United States should not pay its dues.
His historical survey of the subject is enticing and scrupulously fair; his introductions to 60 leading cases are concisely instructive; his abridgements sacrifice nothing of importance.
As regards one work which does receive substantive notice, it is probably too optimistic, though certainly scrupulously correct, for Thompson to refer readers from his two-page summation of Arnold Toynbee's A Study of History (1934-61) to the full twelve-volume edition of that work directly rather than by way of the one-volume Caplan (1972) or two-volume Somervell (1947-1957) abridgements.
Our longer abridgements can be so much more fulfilling because we can achieve more depth and detail.
Almost all entries are full opera performances, with only a few abridgements listed for historical or entertainment value.
The material is drawn from their shorter writings, and the individual pieces are complete in themselves, so that there is no danger of falsification by abridgements not made by the authors.