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a shortened version of a written work

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12 WED 14 FRI 13 THU REDUCED SHAKESPEARE COMPANY IN THE BIBLE: THE COMPLETE WORD OF GOD (ABRIDGED) Brunton Theatre An irreverent ride from fig leaves to final judgment the bad boys of abridgement tackle the great theological questions: Did Adam and Eve have navels?
Even though the diagram is an abridgement (vertically and horizontally) and overgeneralization (having only duple structures), it saves time and avoids confusion.
I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations," warned Madison in 1788.
Braun wrote, "An abridgement of the 'individual' right of anyone to political communication is an abridgement of the right of everyone to political self-determination.
John Bolt's abridgement is so well done that one is not aware of anything that could possibly be missing or amiss.
In this one-volume abridgement the author, who is no friend of the modern, 'dehumanising' financial centre in its hideous, New-York style skyscrappers, describes what started as a 'peculiarly important village'.
The KM itself, which modern readers might regard as in some respects akin to the fantasy literature which has flourished in the West in recent years, provided a model for subsequent Jain writers, and the work's status can be further gauged by its citation as agama by monastic intellectuals in the eleventh and twelfth centuries disputing over matters of correct practice and by the composition of a Sanskrit abridgement by Ratnaprabhasuri in the thirteenth century to ease access to Uddyotanasuri's masterpiece for an audience for which Prakrit was becoming increasingly intractable as a literary medium.
For the purpose of review it must be emphasized that although this is an abridgement it is in no way a debasement.
Most recently, she presented Virgil Thomson's own abridgement of Four Saints in Three Acts on the occasion of two major exhibitions, at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, about American writer Gertrude Stein and the Stein family's art collecting in Paris.
Toolan argues that his extraction of all and only the sentences with Corley in them produces a coherent abridgement of the story.
Without specifically granting the right, the law guarantees against its abridgement.
A history of the English-speaking peoples; a one volume abridgement.
Perhaps the authors and their publisher will follow a third scholarly precedent, and like Lawrence Stone, who first published very large studies of the English aristocracy and the European family, will in time favour us who now embody the book through our aching carpal tunnels with a healing abridgement.
The result was near bankruptcy, and he was forced, finally, to do what he ought to have done from the beginning--prepare a short version for general readers: the 1927 Revolt in the Desert, "an abridgement of an abridgement," as George Bernard Shaw sneered.
Each night of the festival, four schools will perform a halfhour abridgement of their chosen play.