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a shortened version of a written work

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What is most often overlooked, however, is this provision in Part III of the law titled, Protection of Rights in Employment and Public Accommodations: "It is the public policy of this State to protect and safeguard the right and opportunity of all persons to seek, obtain and hold employment without discrimination or abridgement on account of race, religion, color, national origin, age, biological sex or handicap by employers which regularly employ 15 or more employees.
Although content is abbreviated, necessary information was not sacrificed in the abridgement.
s own abridgement, refinement, selection, and extension of his previous writings from the perspective of his final years.
Yes that's right, the bad boys of abridgement will finally tackle the subject they were born to reduce.
The bad boys of abridgement will finally tackle the subject they were born to reduce and they will be doing so at Queen's Hall Arts Centre in Hexham on Friday.
The Polish court, however, ruled that the law was an unacceptable abridgement of the fundamental religious rights of Jews and Muslims.
FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that I also intend to apply under Schedule 2, Paragraph 1, Sub-paragraph (2) of the Order for the abridgement of the preliminary notice period of 1 year required by Paragraph (1) (a) of the said Schedule.
Braun wrote, "An abridgement of the 'individual' right of anyone to political communication is an abridgement of the right of everyone to political self-determination.
John Bolt's abridgement is so well done that one is not aware of anything that could possibly be missing or amiss.
In this one-volume abridgement the author, who is no friend of the modern, 'dehumanising' financial centre in its hideous, New-York style skyscrappers, describes what started as a 'peculiarly important village'.
For the purpose of review it must be emphasized that although this is an abridgement it is in no way a debasement.
Toolan argues that his extraction of all and only the sentences with Corley in them produces a coherent abridgement of the story.
Without specifically granting the right, the law guarantees against its abridgement.
A history of the English-speaking peoples; a one volume abridgement.
Each night of the festival, four schools will perform a halfhour abridgement of their chosen play.