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Synonyms for abreast

abreast of


  • informed about
  • in touch with
  • familiar with
  • acquainted with
  • up to date with
  • knowledgeable about
  • conversant with
  • plugged-in to
  • up to speed with
  • in the picture about
  • au courant with
  • au fait with
  • keeping your finger on the pulse of

Synonyms for abreast

being up to particular standard or level especially in being up to date in knowledge

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References in classic literature ?
Towards noon we drew abreast the entrance go the harbour, and at last we slowly swept by the intervening promontory, and entered the bay of Nukuheva.
In a little while two others appeared on horseback, and rode up abreast of the boats.
These low, commodious wagons moved two abreast, and on either side of them marched solid ranks of mounted warriors, for in the chariots were the women and children of the royal court.
We could not see the Acropolis now or the high hill, either, and I wanted to follow the road till we were abreast of them, but the others overruled me, and we toiled laboriously up the stony hill immediately in our front--and from its summit saw another--climbed it and saw another
Then the clang of hoofs, as of several horses galloping, resounded on the planks of the bridge, and the squadron, officers in front and men four abreast, spread across the bridge and began to emerge on his side of it.
Other towers were set at distances along the walls, which were broad enough for four people to walk abreast upon.
Five of them were leading, all abreast, and were scarce two hundred yards from us.
Side by side they walked when there was room for two abreast.
As the men in the sampan headed the boat's bow up stream again, von Horn ran along the jungle trail beside the river and abreast of the paddlers.
He proceeded casually on his way until abreast of me, and then, without warning and with incredible swiftness, he smote me a buffet on the head.
What more natural thing than that, partly turning his horse, he should wait till she caught up with him; and that, when abreast they should continue abreast on up the grade?
He's nigger-chaser on the Eugenie, the two-topmast schooner that rides abreast of you.
Young friend," said he, when Alleyne was abreast of him, "I fear from thy garb that thou canst know little of the Abbey of Beaulieu.
I opened the bight of Turner's Shipyard, rounded the Solano wharf, and surged along abreast of the patch of tules and the clustering fishermen's arks where in the old days I had lived and drunk deep.
Buck, on the bank, worried and anxious, kept abreast of the boat, his eyes never off his master.