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(psychoanalysis) purging of emotional tensions

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As such, the series constructs Simon's recovery process as prematurely abreactive and false, born solely of his desire to save Nia.
The abreactive procedure ordinarily involves the parenteral administration of a barbiturate and a stimulant; it is troublesome and hazardous.
Ater (2001) categorized sexually abused children's play during play therapy sessions in several different ways, such as abreactive, aggressive, dissociative, nurturing, perseveration, regressive, and sexualized.
Catharsis and abreactive work are encouraged, and members can learn new, more effective ways of coping both with the past trauma and its present-day effects (Bemak & Young, 1998; Foy, Ruzek, Glynn, Riney & Gusman, 1997; Shaffer, Brown, & McWhirter, 1998; Wolfsdorf & Zlotnick, 2001).
Simplistic abreactive models of treatment have given way to more complex paradigms that include greater emphasis on psychodynamic issues as they manifest in the patient's present psychosocial functioning (Kluft, 1999).