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(psychoanalysis) purging of emotional tensions

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Apart from one passage on the treatment of hysterical amnesia in a review of physical methods of treatment in psychiatry (Sargant & Slater 1944) there is nothing in the literature that would indicate that false memories are created by abreaction or that patients are more suggestible in the abreactive state.
Abreactive play behaviors are reenactments of the trauma repeated again and again, and they may literally represent the abuse that occurred (Ater, 2001).
Catharsis and abreactive work are encouraged, and members can learn new, more effective ways of coping both with the past trauma and its present-day effects (Bemak & Young, 1998; Foy, Ruzek, Glynn, Riney & Gusman, 1997; Shaffer, Brown, & McWhirter, 1998; Wolfsdorf & Zlotnick, 2001).
Simplistic abreactive models of treatment have given way to more complex paradigms that include greater emphasis on psychodynamic issues as they manifest in the patient's present psychosocial functioning (Kluft, 1999).
For instance, if a peer counselor is particularly conflicted with regard to his relationship with his mother, he may become uncomfortable and (consciously or unconsciously) inhibit an adequate abreactive response in the client.