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(psychoanalysis) purging of emotional tensions

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Betts and Boden described three types of seizures: 1) "Swoons": consisting of a non-injuring, relaxed fall to the ground, without convulsions, with closed eyes and apparent unconsciousness, followed by a rapid recovery but not by post-ictal confusion; 2) "Tantrums": in this case, the fall on the ground is predicted by a cry, patients thrash about with a convulsive struggle if restrained, they may kick and bite, and they are commonly noisy, crying, and shouting; 3) "Abreactive attacks": rather long form (many hours), whose first sign may be overbreathing, often unrecognized, followed by sudden movements and stiffening of the body and then by breath holding, gasping, uncoordinated jerking of the body with pelvic thrusting, and back arching (23,42).
Since it does not have any therapeutic, abreactive, cathartic goal, the voodoo is in this case only used to subjugate some subjects looking for subjectivation.
She catalyzes Simon's abreactive process, her cheerful, naive dialogue restoring normalcy to his dissociated gaze, her bright coloration the only quality able to penetrate the gray haze of Simon's fugue state.
The abreactive procedure ordinarily involves the parenteral administration of a barbiturate and a stimulant; it is troublesome and hazardous.
Ater (2001) categorized sexually abused children's play during play therapy sessions in several different ways, such as abreactive, aggressive, dissociative, nurturing, perseveration, regressive, and sexualized.
Catharsis and abreactive work are encouraged, and members can learn new, more effective ways of coping both with the past trauma and its present-day effects (Bemak & Young, 1998; Foy, Ruzek, Glynn, Riney & Gusman, 1997; Shaffer, Brown, & McWhirter, 1998; Wolfsdorf & Zlotnick, 2001).