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(psychoanalysis) purging of emotional tensions

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Competent dominatrices are trained to lower the risk of triggering such an abreaction, but are prepared to deal with it should it occur.
Inpatient abreactions in restraints are now viewed with caution as a possible sign of inadequate pacing of treatment.
It is as if Penck's drawings were abreactions that do not quite work, which is why they must be repeated with compulsive rapidity.
Explores the application of hypnosis to eating disorders, reviewing the research published over the last decade, and discusses the increasing awareness of the value of hypnosis as an adjunct to therapy, especially in the treatment of bulimia, such as the importance of the ego-dissociation mechanism and the roles of age regression, abreactions, and catharsis.
Following a thorough assessment, a number of hypnotherapeutic techniques are explained and discussed, such as: general relaxation and calmness, guided imagery, teaching self-hypnosis, ego-strengthening, direct and indirect suggestions for healing and recovery, cognitive restructuring and reframing, symbolic guided imagery, age progression (back from the future technique), metaphorical prescriptions, age regression and abreactions, and ego state therapy.