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(psychoanalysis) purging of emotional tensions

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sudden emergence of repressed memories, abreactions, panic attacks), and physical/medical issues.
Zimmerman implies that viewing these turbulent scenes might be akin to abreaction, whereby the audience relives its own losses vicariously through the characters' words and gestures.
In this light, religion often offers many of the elements felt to be important in individual and group therapies, such as empathy, advice, emotional support, help in problem solving, positive role models, opportunities for abreaction, and reality testing.
Also, they often experience an emotional release through abreaction and catharsis.
Pynchon's vocabulary was fantastically recondite, and I still have the notebook in which I jotted down the meanings of oneiric, abreaction, runcible spoon, hebephrenics, Antinomian, rachitic, velleity, preterite, and a couple dozen other words impossible to use in ordinary conversation.
It needs no Freud to observe that her life since the moment of her mother releasing her hand has been a failed abreaction, a reliving of the moment and, failing that, an attempt to recreate the lost milieu in which her mother lived.
Such was the foundational aim of psychoanalysis: by making a distressing event available to a consciousness, one renders it susceptible to abreaction and associative dissipation.
This process includes first identifying with the main character's needs, wishes, and frustrations; followed by experiencing an emotional release through abreaction and catharsis; and finally gaining insight into solutions to their own problems by identifying the characters' coping strategies (Pardeck, 1990; Pardeck & Pardeck).
There is recognition in this tragedy of the destructive (non-survival) effect of this kind of evaluation; there is recognition, too, of the abreaction that may result from the expression of emotional and mental conflicts.
While improved conduct and interpersonal relations seemed likely, the possibility of abreaction or rebelliousness required nondirectional data analytic procedures.
The use of catharsis (ventilation) and abreaction (emotional discharge) in resolving traumatic memories were stock-in-trade components of psychotherapy from the end of the 19th century.
Abreaction means that your problem exists because you have not expressed some negative feeling.
Paradoxically, Secretary Babbitt's commendable National Biological Survey and natural communities conservation planning initiatives have been largely thwarted by the abreaction to ESA disputes.