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(psychoanalysis) purging of emotional tensions

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Levi-Strauss insistence on the psychological support given to a generalized illness by magical abreaction was an argument that seems more suitable to be applied when describing a psycho-social affliction such as bewitchment.
An elevator rider moving quickly upward would expect to be pinned to the floor of the elevator, not the ceiling, but this defiance of the laws of physics gets added to the rocket's other disturbances to supposedly ironclad sequences (cause and effect, arrival and sound, and so forth).Thus, like the patient on Pointsman's ward reexperiencing a rocket from above as "the floor [becomes] a giant lift propelling you with no warning toward your ceiling," the reader riding this paradoxical elevator experiences a rocket abreaction, one that points (ahead in the text's pages, back in the chronology) to Gottfried, sacrificial victim, inside Blicero's 00000.
This seems to bring hysteria into terrain quite different from Freud and Breuer's description of hysteria as the bodily manifestation of "psychical traumas that have not been dealt with by abreaction or by the work of associative thought; they are, likewise, completely absent ...
This restriction includes not only interacting imitation or learning but also other nonlinear couplings, such as emotion abreaction. This paper designs a kind of blended learning rules in terms of formula (3).
They can be seen as an "abreaction" to the period of ideological pressure of proletarian internationalism.
The funeral "show" is cathartic, to the purpose of "abreaction"--defined as "the discharge of emotion attaching to a previously repressed experience" (Rycroft 1972 1).
Centuries and also the present of white colonial supremacy make Fanon's body incapable of controlling its abreaction: his weeping is sadness, melodrama, the exhaustion of an organism's strength and defense, a giving out, and also something less defeated, an expansive pronouncement on this affective fact of blackness, which makes a sensorium that can only see the world's natural flourishing turning back on itself, failed, the Hegelian Owl of history now silent and paralyzed.
* Experts agreed that stage three continues to focus on relational-based interventions, but it also incorporates a high level of trauma reprocessing, including abreaction and exposure-based interventions.
(20) With Elisabeth, the powerful emotions incurred during her father's illness are not allowed to reach consciousness and obtain abreaction while she devotedly cares for him.
The abreaction to that eventuated in a poetry that was nothing but political, a poetry of the subjective revolution, of ego, of self-pity and of self-regard.
. Today's new word: abreaction. It may not appear alluring at
In these rites the initiate is led to re-live an intense experience of terror and fright; there is no abreaction of emotion but rather the incitement towards suspicion, fear, the unexplainable; words are said not to be understood, nor to be thinkable, in particular those concerning the conditions of the 'pact' ('you will pay back 80,000 or 120,000 Euros' are words that are not understood or thinkable until the arrival in Europe, and the difference in value between the naira and the euro becomes clear), and this increases the cognitive confusion of these young women.
It involves what Lacan calls "catharsis" or "abreaction," the "discharge of an emotion," where "an emotion or a traumatic experience may" have left "something unresolved" (Ethics 244).
Competent dominatrices are trained to lower the risk of triggering such an abreaction, but are prepared to deal with it should it occur.
If this interpretation is correct, it suggests that the boys' disruptive behaviour was an abreaction which was bound to occur in order to discharge the unexpressed emotions constellated and unconsciously carried in the psyche of the school.