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discharge bad feelings or tension through verbalization

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and wrenching me, Abrading skin and abreacting time, while the
Brown's Gothic text therefore derives its unsettling effects from the function of Clithero's narrative as a talking-cure-gone-wrong: instead of cathartically abreacting a prior trauma, Clithero's hysterical discourse serves to reiteratively confirm his compulsive and disturbed "reasoning" as "necessary" and "rational."
Normals, who are more tuned to what is happening around them, for expediency will show greater suppression of affect during the day abreacting them during sleep in dreams.
A case in point are the angels of Sobre los angeles, which serve as cathartic agents that exorcise Alberti's demons (abreacting, as Freud would say, the troublesome complexes of his unconscious) but which, at the same time, as angels, are indicators of the root cause of his trouble.
This reoccurring abreacting or catharting allows the client to identify the origin of the feeling and express it in various ways.