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discharge bad feelings or tension through verbalization

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Before his recent move to Eugene, he was the artistic director of the Abreact, a theater group in Detroit.
(The aim of this compromise is to keep intact the unconsciousness of repressed material while giving voice to the suffering that caused its repression.) To cure such patients it thus becomes necessary to help them recall and put into words ("abreact") what up till now has dwelt in them as a kind of internal, unassimilated alterity.
Because these ruins are the product of a writing of melancholy--the failure to abreact loss through the work of mourning--they have the dialectical force to shake our beliefs in the ontological certainty and stability of late-capitalist reality.
The impulse behind ordinary narrative, Brooks says, derives from the same urge to abreact stimulus that Freud describes in Beyond the Pleasure Principle, a reluctant call to life that produces an insistent, "arabesque squiggle" toward the end.
Practitioners considering exorcism should first read Wilson and Barber's (1983) treatise on highly hypnotizable persons (i.e., Grade 5 hypnotizability) and their ability to abreact fantasy that they cannot distinguish from reality.
Worried that they will be held responsible for intentions they do not want to acknowledge and seeking to abreact prior traumas, these founding fathers of the American Gothic similarly and strategically structure their retelling of events around sites of deliberate unknowing.
(The abused woman must believe that she has a mastery of her body and mind.) The subject is regressed to the traumatic event to allow her to remember abreact and decathect the material (Dowd and Heely, 1986, p.