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Synonyms for abrasiveness

the roughness of a substance that causes abrasions

the quality of being sharply disagreeable

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Figure 3 shows the effects of varying abrasiveness levels on the volume loss of a sample compound without correcting for the abrasive power of the paper.
Brass is for sturdier surfaces, and stainless steel offer maximum abrasiveness for the toughest residues.
The series takes a comical sneak peek into the daily workings of our leading lady's little "empire," which include, not only off-kilter clients and workplace fiascoes but family dynamics typical of any household in America such as sibling rivalry, teen angst, marital tensions with her lazy but loving husband Vlad (Veadov), and the challenges involved in juggling both a successful business and motherhood - all of which Svetlana handles with charming Russian abrasiveness and wit.
You need to be more sensitive to how residents view your answers and how you handle inquiries; the perception is one of either abrasiveness or curtness," Mr.
It is a difficult situation for him because we have got quite a lot of good back row players but Duncan has got a lot of experience and an abrasiveness about him that will be useful.
His well-known abrasiveness and functional style wouldn't endear him to all at The Hawthorns.
What I like about Rhys as well as his excellent skills is his abrasiveness,' said Ruddock.
patent for the use of acrylic copolymers that add abrasiveness to nonwoven wipes.
She adds, "The other thing you have to look at is the abrasiveness of the material, and that will determine the hardness of the steel in the bucket that you're using.
It may be possible to use razor slitters successfully if the material has low values in caliper, density, elongation, tensile, and abrasiveness.
I have always used a certain teasing abrasiveness that men find titillating," she said.
Ferguson v Ferguson - it's an intriguing clash of Scottish abrasiveness.
Rogers has been around, both with London Irish and in South Africa, and brings an abrasiveness and strength to the party which has been missing so far.
20 Dates'' could have been too cute by half, but Berkowitz's abrasiveness (not to mention his willingness to look foolish) keeps things lively.