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Synonyms for abrasiveness

the roughness of a substance that causes abrasions

the quality of being sharply disagreeable

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Increased silica contents have led to increased wear (due to the abrasiveness of the chemical) on a number of components of a mixer chamber, including the sides, rotors, floating weight bottom, drop door top and end plates.
Only 12 years to Vision 2030 targets, education needs to find its place in steering the nation towards these development milestones.The reforms are good tools to get the nation out of the rut of politics, abrasiveness and single-framing of national issues.
Nigel Pearson offers the abrasiveness which could put a bomb up the remnants of a group of players who have not performed as their supporters deserve.
Composed by Jeff Danna, the second installment featured a classically arranged score with plenty of strings and themes, while still retaining the industrial abrasiveness of the first.
He said he understands Ned Weeks' abrasiveness. 'Our social standards may compel us to deplore his behavior, but it doesn't change the fact that we need people like him.'
The frequency of repairing or replacing these components is directly related to the abrasiveness of the material the machine operates in.
The comfort in these Wellies is truly a soft, cushioned ride with no abrasiveness or ill fit to cause any kind of discomfort anywhere on my feet.
But his passion for his art overcomes any shyness when negotiating terms, although often to his cost due to his abrasiveness and lack of tact.
This paper concentrates on ROP estimation using bit type and its properties, mud type and mud viscosity, formation parameters such as rock strength, formation drillability, and formation abrasiveness, and some critical drilling equipment operational parameters such as pump pressure, WOB, and rotary speed based on the previous drilled wells data with the ELM and USA model.
It is understood, however, that Jones admires his abrasiveness and feels that by selecting him as skipper he would set the tone for a forward pack that the new head coach would like to rediscover its hard edge.
It is understood, however, that new coach Jones admires his abrasiveness and feels that by selecting him as skipper he would set the tone for a forward pack that Jones would like to rediscover its hard edge.
Styles are different: folk and Celtic twilight (Bax); laid-back, occasionally ambling, lyricism (Dyson); Bliss's hyperactive, colourful virtuosity (written for Anglo-Italian fiddler Alfredo Campoli) and Veale's almost Malcolm Arnold-like mixture of romanticism, the soloist's swooping portamenti written into the score, and abrasiveness.
The factors include the conveyor speed, belt width and splices, as well as the material's abrasiveness and moisture content.
This high-performing new silicone technology delivers thermal conductivity of 2.5 W/m.K, greatly improved dispensability, significantly reduced abrasiveness, and stable performance for more reliable electronics in harsh automotive underhood environments.