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Synonyms for abrasion

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Synonyms for abrasion

an abraded area where the skin is torn or worn off

the wearing down of rock particles by friction due to water or wind or ice

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"Whether it is high resiliency and anti-tear durability for workwear, parachutes, and spinnakers, abrasion resistance for long-lasting industrial belts, or NILIT[R] Innergy for anti-odor FIR-generating functions for medical textiles, there is a NILIT[R] fiber thoughtfully developed for the purpose."
Abrasion resistance testing suggests that traffic markings with 3 year durability could be achieved with a 15 wet mil line if a high durability latex binder was employed in the traffic marking paint formulation.
The advanced technology behind Nychem 1561X604--based on butadiene, acrylonitrile and styrene--also provides benefits such as high elongation and abrasion resistance. Designed with low/ no emulsifier levels, Nychem 1561X604 is a high surface tension emulsion that exhibits low foam.
This result confirmed Aria as level 4 for abrasion resistance - the maximum that can be achieved in accordance with EN 388:2003.
Pliotec CR30 offers properties including resistance to hot tire pick up, low temperature cure at 35[degrees]F, freeze/thaw stability, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and gasoline resistance.
The liner is factory impregnated and manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control with long-term testing for creep modulus, strain corrosion, water absorption abrasion resistance. The corrosion resistant material is an Owens Corning, Advantex product with at least two separate layers and off-set seams to ensure uniform ring stiffness.
Designed to provide excellent abrasion resistance on a variety of stocks, Triumph inks are specifically formulated to help printers finish matte, satin and uncoated work faster.
C[pounds sterling]Thanks to its excellent abrasion resistance, this new material offers designers the ability to reduce the weight and mass of wiring and cable through ultra-thin-wall coatings.
For formulators developing next-generation sunscreens, ISP has developed an in vitro abrasion resistance test method to use as a screen to evaluate the efficacy of sunscreen formulas.
The Roc collection is available with specially coated palms that provide unmatched grip in wet or oily jobs and tough abrasion resistance, and the wrist knit keeps the dirt out.
Acetylation makes fibers become less prone to moisture and water absorption, they swell less and are more resistant to microorganisms, their mechanical properties and abrasion resistance change (Bischof Vukusiae, et al., 1999; Sefc, 2006; Weilin, et al., 2001).
The Dow Chemical Company (www.dow.com) is calling a new olefin elastomers it has developed a "breakthrough." Called INFUSE Olefin Block Copolymers (OBCs), they're said to provide performance and properties beyond current olefin elastomers, including high-temperature performance, abrasion resistance, elasticity and compression set properties at room and elevated temperatures, and fast setup in processing for reduced cycle times.
Building owners and managers must adhere to the provisions of the law and, in doing so, may face some unexpected challenges if the following criteria are not considered: selection of adhesives, abrasion resistance, stairwell construction, surface preparation, product durability, the use of MEA-approved products, installation experience and quality control.
The fabric features test-proven stain resistance and cleanability, plus superior abrasion resistance. It also offers antimicrobial and antibacterial protection, as well as mildew resistance on both the backing and face.
Except for the palm, the glove's shell is made with three types of Gore-Tex laminate materials for waterproofing, windproofing, moisture-vapor transfer and abrasion resistance. AlpenGrip, a proprietary polymer material with a slightly rubbery feel, is used in the palm for further waterproofing, abrasion resistance and flexibility.