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Synonyms for abrasion

Synonyms for abrasion

an abraded area where the skin is torn or worn off

the wearing down of rock particles by friction due to water or wind or ice

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Clearly film thickness has a dramatic impact on abrasion resistance.
Lighter and easier to maintain that metal belts, the Abrasion Resistant System offers the added security of elimination of contamination due to metal wear debris.
The air abrasion system is indicated for all types of cavity preparation, repair of amalgam, and composite resin restorations [Rosenberg, 1995].
FieldTurf says its abrasion testing shows that it is very close to natural grass.
We reported to the headquarters about the existence of hubs where the abrasion exceeded the standard limit.
While advances in fibers and fillers have kept pace with the requirements of load and abrasion resistance for calender covers, soft nip calenders and multinip calenders are also operating under higher temperatures.
Made of spring-tempered stainless steel fusion-bonded with thermosetting polymer resin, Spring-Fast Flexi-Grommet edging material can be used in applications where cabling or other materials must be protected against abrasion damage from metal edges.
Other features of QBZ-58A beads include a highly polished surface for minimal initial abrasion and an updated composition for enhanced durability and low abrasion properties throughout the lifespan of the bead, according to the company.
com/research/4d241e/the_world_market_f) has announced the addition of the "The World Market for Abrasion, Wear and Corrosion Resistant Nanocoatings" report to their offering.
NEI Corporation recently introduced NANOMYTE SuperCN Plus--a functionally graded coating that imparts superhydrophobic properties to the underlying substrate while providing greater abrasion resistance compared to existing superhydrophobic coatings, according to the company.
Approximately 8200 mA leveling wall / ceiling over the entire surface;- 1200 mA emulsion paint walls, washable;- Approximately 9350 mA emulsion paint walls, abrasion and resistant to disinfectants;- 4300 mA emulsion paint walls, high-abrasion and resistant to disinfectants;- Approximately 1040 mA dispersion paint ceilings, washable;- About 3900 mA dispersion paint ceilings, abrasion and resistant to disinfectants;- Approximately 9350 mA fiberglass wallpaper;- 500 mA coating steel frames and corner frames;- 150 mA coating steel door leaves;- Approximately 155 m coat steel railings, banisters, etc.
com)-- Northbrook Court Dental Associates, a long time Northbrook dental clinic, has announced it now offers air abrasion, a new technique for removing tooth decay without the use of a drill.
After his retirement, Grosch returned to research on friction and abrasion of rubber privately and developed the concept of the LAT 100 laboratory friction and abrasion test equipment which is now marketed by VMI Holland BV in the Netherlands.
Nyrim is said to perform very well in stiffness/toughness balance, fatigue and abrasion resistance, and low-temperature toughness.