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Synonyms for abrasion

Synonyms for abrasion

an abraded area where the skin is torn or worn off

the wearing down of rock particles by friction due to water or wind or ice

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The abrasion testing was performed using an angle abrader, as shown in figure 2.
Types of Wear and Tips on Protection Gouging Impact Abrasion--This type of abrasion generally affects dragline buckets, excavators and crushers, and is similar to machining with a cutting tool: it cuts a deep furrow or groove into softer metal.
Strangulation by a ligature presents with a skin indentation, abrasion, and petechial facial hemorrhages.
The metal/ceramic abrasion resistant coatings segment is estimated to be the fastest-growing type in the abrasion resistant coatings market.
Metal/ceramic-the fastest-growing type of abrasion resistant coatings"
2010) observed in 'Golden' papaya that damages are responsible for significant losses in fruit quality, and damage caused by impact and abrasion were those that most contribute to loss in quality, quickly accelerating ripening, loss of firmness and fresh fruit weight.
I think the standard of care now for corneal abrasion treatment does not include eye patching.
Key words: Murree Formation, sandstone, siltstone, aggregate, Loss Angeles abrasion test.
Pain from an abrasion is some of the most severe discomfort you can experience.
2) Cervical tooth wear or tooth abrasion is defined as the loss of tooth substance that occurs in the absence of carious mechanisms at the cementoenamel junction of a tooth.
Abrasion injuries result in damage only to the surface layer of skin (epidermis), and while typically classified as minor in nature, can engender player discomfort and consequently result in a change in playing behaviour.
The glove, which has a NFT[TM] nitrile foam palm, recently achieved 25,000 cycles in the EN 388 abrasion resistance test.
Therefore it is required to explore the estimation of UCS through indirect methods such as Los Angeles abrasion test which is relatively simple and fast method.
Abrasion In abrasion (or grazes) the surface skin is scraped away.