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Synonyms for abrade

Synonyms for abrade

to make (the skin) raw by or as if by friction

Synonyms for abrade

rub hard or scrub


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Between highly abrasive abrading agents we can to include micro-crystal sintered alumina.
The more recent paintings include a small suite of large (2-3 metre), dramatic, bichrome paintings and unpatinated poundings or abradings on vertical panels.
The Abrading Balloon Catheter for Extravasated Drug Delivery is a multi-lumen balloon catheter that features abrasive outer surfaces upon the substrate of the balloons that are intended to abrade tissue and stimulate cellular function to optimize the osmotic uptake of therapeutic agents into target tissues.
Look at crucible conditioning, accurate temperature monitoring, filtering, leak checks, minimum melt hold time, minimum super heating and smooth, rapid accurate pouring Further, when the alloy is charged, examine the edges of the ingot and see that they aren't chipping, nicking or abrading the crucible or the crucible wall build up.
Three of the paintings here depicted ice, whether in the realistic rendition of a gloved hand holding a large vertical block (Ice Painting, 2001)--in which ice again seems a metaphor for painting, with its eerie translucency abrading light and vision--or in a nearly abstract pyramid of ice blocks made in a deep burgundy a nd inscribed with the spade insignia (Ice House, 2002).
The same abrading action achieved when processing on a single-side machine is thus applied to both sides of workpieces.
AMT's industrial division, Texas Airsonics, has recently designed and manufactured "abrasive jet machinery units" (AJM) for Bell Helicopter to be used in the process of abrading special composites prior to the bonding of unique aerospace studs.
310 mA 30 x 30 glazed tiles) and about 2 600 mA floor coverings in different formats including bases, including Prepare substrates (concrete underground blasting or abrading, leveling of walls, making leveling with leveling layers, cracks closing, making moisture seals, sealing of corner joints and pipe penetrations, etc.
The abrading action of the sand on the seed coat is said to work a treat.
Twelve commuters died, and more than five thousand were injured; among the effects of sarin is impaired vision, a literal abrading of the eye.
This lining also prevents the sand flowing through from constantly abrading the mixing chamber, thus improving chamber life.
Eagle's Zawtech division expects to deliver its first ZawCad high pressure cryogenic "zero waste" abrading unit to a Greek ship repair customer of Lockheed Martin Corporation in late fall.