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Synonyms for abrade

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Synonyms for abrade

to make (the skin) raw by or as if by friction

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Synonyms for abrade

rub hard or scrub


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Between highly abrasive abrading agents we can to include micro-crystal sintered alumina.
The trees are now being reproduced by artificially abrading the seeds, a close call for Calvaria.
"We had to overcome the challenge of finding a material strong enough to perform without abrading enamel."
The same abrading action achieved when processing on a single-side machine is thus applied to both sides of workpieces.
I hold it in the glasses' circle, a wanderer among the ancient gods and heroes--a fizzling squib, slowly abrading in the black, like a meager promise vengefully kept.
The 3M VHB Tape 5952 is ideal for bonding painted metal and plastic without the need for surface priming or abrading, and is specially formulated with a synthetic adhesive that bonds most paints and powder coats, as well as window materials such as glass, acrylic and polycarbonate.
In addition, as it is a wet process, there is no danger of static build-up, and the simultaneous abrading and washing action eliminates residual surface contamination.
Look at crucible conditioning, accurate temperature monitoring, filtering, leak checks, minimum melt hold time, minimum super heating and smooth, rapid accurate pouring Further, when the alloy is charged, examine the edges of the ingot and see that they aren't chipping, nicking or abrading the crucible or the crucible wall build up.
Three of the paintings here depicted ice, whether in the realistic rendition of a gloved hand holding a large vertical block (Ice Painting, 2001)--in which ice again seems a metaphor for painting, with its eerie translucency abrading light and vision--or in a nearly abstract pyramid of ice blocks made in a deep burgundy a nd inscribed with the spade insignia (Ice House, 2002).