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a tool or machine used for wearing down or smoothing or polishing

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This is done with the sandstone abrader, by rubbing the sharp edge of the spall until it is somewhat flat and dull.
The soil and abrader sediment samples were particle-size analysed by Coulter Multisizer (Lines 1992) within the range 2-600 [micro]m according to the method of McTainsh et al.
The arthroscope is placed in the proximal medial portal and an abrader in the anterolateral portal to resect the anterior three-fourths of the head and 2 mm to 3 mm of the neck.
Still visible are abrader grooves where the people made stone tools, and shell middens which, after about 5,000 years of continuous occupation, are about 15 feet deep, he added.
My own view is that this is a flaked, hammer-dressed and ground piece, the grinding having been effected by a hand-held abrader rather than a static grindstone.
Abrasive-wear testing was conducted on an Armstrong Abrader model CS-70 following ASTM D1242.
Abrasion resistance shall be measured via a Taber Abrader using CS-10 wheels and 1,000 gram load.
(17.) DIN 53 516/ASTM D 5963-04 (2015) Standard Test Method for Rubber Property, Abrasion Resistance (Rotary Drum Abrader), 2015.
Designation Tensile % Elongation 300% Tear DIN strength at break modulus strength abrasion (MPa) (MPa) (N/mm) Mass loss (%) Pure SSBR 2.6 755 0.71 11.1 34 SCB 10.5 950 2.14 23.2 25 SEG 3.5 680 1.42 15.0 31 SXMEG 3.7 670 1.58 19.2 29 SEGCB 11.6 970 3.18 28.0 28 SXMEGCB 12.7 940 3.25 33.2 23 Designation Shore A Hardness Pure SSBR 46 SCB 56 SEG 50 SXMEG 49 SEGCB 60 SXMEGCB 62 From DIN abrader test results, MEG-CB--loaded SSBR compound shows lowest mass loss among the nanofiller-loaded composites.
Fishhook manufacturing tools from Peva's Archaic period deposit are few, including one Porites file, one branch coral (Acropora) file and one sea urchin spine abrader (Bollt 2008:Fig.
Using a standard Taber abrader set up of 1000 g applied to CS-17 wheels, the coatings were subjected to 1000 cycles of wear.
Abrasion of crusted soils: Influence of abrader flux and soil properties.
A Zwick Din abrader was used to measure the abrasion resistance as per ASTM D-2228 and the samples were abraded of for about 3 min.
He said that F 2357, "Test Method for Determining the Abrasion Resistance of Inks and Coatings on Membrane Switches Using the Normal Tool 'RCA' Abrader," from Committee F01 on Electronics, describes the apparatus and covers its use.