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Synonyms for abrade

Synonyms for abrade

to make (the skin) raw by or as if by friction

Synonyms for abrade

rub hard or scrub


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The specular gloss of polypropylene abraded surfaces has been characterized by means of a three-angle glossmeter DRLANGE REFO 3-D in agreement with the ASTM D523, DIN 67530, and ISO 2813 specifications.
This process was repeated and 30 specimens with abraded surfaces were dewaxed at these temperatures with hot water (10 at 65C, 10 at 85C and 10 at 100C).
abraded footpads) prior to administering the herbal remedy.
To maximize sample numbers, the animals (control or exposed) were abraded on both lateral sides of the carapace, and each side was considered an independent sample.
Amalgam removal--Air abrasion is not an efficient means of removing amalgam restorations, as there is a release of mercury vapors when amalgam is abraded.
Several other Mycobacterial infections, including tuberculosis, occur in the skin and are transmitted through abraded skin.
In this application, the strong magnetic forces are not only removing any coarse tramp metal such as screws, but more importantly, fine iron particles and even abraded stainless steel from the food ingredients.
Many of these products were purchased in attractive packages that over time were abraded and soiled with peeling labels, removing brand appeal and in some cases brand identification as well," noted Ms.
Shortly before each traveler's departure, the scientists mildly abraded a small area of each person's skin and then applied a patch.
The plastic shielding of the wires had been rubbed down and abraded as a result of repeated contact.
Essentially it is a north-facing rock face (Figure 2: A), on which a long (105m) frieze of vertical abraded grooves has been produced.
The abraded metal fines block pores on strontium aluminate particles, so they emit less light in the dark.
Small particles of sealcoat flake off as they are abraded by vehicle tires and can wash into urban streams with rain and runoff.
Analyzing female characters, Elam mentions Patricia Hill Collins's analysis of the 1980s as the decade in which the entire community structure of black motherhood was abraded.