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Synonyms for abrade

Synonyms for abrade

to make (the skin) raw by or as if by friction

Synonyms for abrade

rub hard or scrub


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In this study, after 72 h of GSE treatment, no erythema, eschar, or edema was observed in the abraded or intact skin of the treatment sites of all animals tested (Fig.
The polypropylene abraded surfaces were prepared using an automatic grinding machine.
The rods were then divided into three groups of 10 and there were abraded with dry abrasive paper held on the flat glass sheet.
abraded footpads) prior to administering the herbal remedy.
Juvenile lobsters with abraded epicuticles were exposed to cultures of 3 bacteria commonly isolated from wild ESD lesions: A.
Twenty-four karat gold makes more intense marks because it is the softest form of gold and is the most readily abraded.
Divers found that paler areas of vegetation in the aerial photos had been abraded by anchors and mooring chains.
He continued: "The magnet in these units is so powerful that it will successfully remove fine abraded 316 stainless steel, a metal that is typically non-magnetic to most magnetic separators.
(6) In a recent case report the transmission of leprosy was reviewed and attention was drawn to the possible association of abraded traumatised skin and a first leprosy skin lesion.
In this application, the strong magnetic forces are not only removing any coarse tramp metal such as screws, but more importantly, fine iron particles and even abraded stainless steel from the food ingredients.
"Many of these products were purchased in attractive packages that over time were abraded and soiled with peeling labels, removing brand appeal and in some cases brand identification as well," noted Ms.
Shortly before each traveler's departure, the scientists mildly abraded a small area of each person's skin and then applied a patch.
"The abraded metal fines block pores on strontium aluminate particles, so they emit less light in the dark."
Small particles of sealcoat flake off as they are abraded by vehicle tires and can wash into urban streams with rain and runoff.
Analyzing female characters, Elam mentions Patricia Hill Collins's analysis of the 1980s as the decade in which the entire community structure of black motherhood was abraded. Further elaboration with examples would have provided a tool for readers to connect the environment in Wilson's plays and African American history.