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Synonyms for abracadabra

unintelligible or nonsensical talk or language

esoteric, formulaic, and often incomprehensible speech relating to the occult

Words related to abracadabra

gibberish and nonsense

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Home ported in San Diego, Next Level Sailing offers 2 1/2 hour, corporate team building and week-long excursions aboard Stars and Stripes and Abracadabra.
Unparalleled customer service is one of the qualities that set Abracadabra Casino apart from the rest.
She followed this with Abracadabra and Keep us Together and with some challenging notes to hit proved why she is the owner of one of the UK's best voices, sore throat or not.
where nothing is quite as it seems, toy dolls spring to life, the Mouse King and his army battle with the Nutcracker Prince and we travel through the Land of Snow to an enchanted place where the magic really begins |Coppelia Every toy has a story, especially in this charming comedy of errors - a witty combination of antics and abracadabra set in a doll-maker's workshop.
Abracadabra, with its exotic-sounding cadence and mysterious connotations, is magic's most enduring incantation.
JAN 18-19: It's abracadabra time at Liverpool's World Museum.
While Carell and Buscemi work well together, and gain a fair few laughs from their camp-as-Christmas stage act - prancing around in velvet jumpsuits to the strains of the Steve Miller Band's Abracadabra - it's Carrey's supporting role that steals the movie.
A wild mix of abracadabra and mischievous maidens is unleashed when humans and mechanical dolls collide.
With Abracadabra, we try to demonstrate that and have fun in the process.
Both Rainbow and Stand Up were early fan favourites but it was Abracadabra - dedicated to a couple she had seen having wedding photos taken at her hotel - that really got the gig going.
An unemployed manager takes over, does a good job perhaps, raises his profile and, hey presto, he's off to greener pastures before you can say abracadabra.
And aptly enough, the man who administered the aforementioned unorthodox inkage, Dave Fleet from the Abracadabra Tattoo parlour in Blackwood, was in the audience.
The Abracadabra is as magic as its title professes.
You know, a quick swish around the taps with this or that miraculous cream or spray and bish, bash, bosh, one swift swipe and abracadabra, it's back to shining new again.
Forget abracadabra and pulling rabbits from top hats, when it comes to tricks with cards and coins this Redcar-based magician is on top of his game.