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on or above the surface of the ground

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The portion of that project awarded to Matrix includes 12 aboveground storage tanks at the Kinder Morgan Export Terminal at Pasadena with capacity in excess of 1.
Natural Gas Peaker and Pumped Hydro Storage Capital Cost and Operating Characteristics of Aboveground Isothermal CAES vs.
Members of Parliament should also vote in to solve the problem because the residents will not give up and they will not let the high voltage power lines be installed aboveground.
Where Wr n:n is aboveground or root dry weights and leaf area of rice at a ratio of n:n and Wbn:n is aboveground or root dry weight and leaf area of BYG at a ratio of n:n.
Aboveground performance of wood has been the subject of numerous studies worldwide (Scheffer 1971; Fougerousse 1976; Savory and Carey 1979: Carey et al.
The Invisible Man's static and secluded position in hibernation reflects the profound difficulties experienced by black intellectuals as they attempt to use their "white" literacy and black communal or "tribal literacy" (Stepto 167) in the aboveground world.
Samples taken from each stake at the groundline and aboveground were sectioned into the outer 8.
The section regarding alpine thistles seems to ignore the huge moisture-collecting effect of aboveground matter, such as dead plant remains, that results from condensation of dew.
The underground train to Hazeltine and aboveground to Woodland Hills would have been great.
Aboveground storage tank owners also pay registration fees, but they are not covered by the USTIF, which is administered by the state Insurance Department.
The Tribute in Light -two haunting blue beams that evoke the twin towers -will also shine aboveGround Zero at nightfall as New Yorkers pay tribute to those killed.
The subway work will commence in tandem with the aboveground construction and will, be completed prior to the opening of Hearst's renovated headquarters building.
Aboveground at the Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Barbara London of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and British artist/curator Jeremy Millar organized "Media Art 2000: Escape," a show that couldn't quite make up its mind whether to be a compendium of video installations or an altogether broader presentation of mixed-media installation of all kinds.
Over 3,000 attendees from throughout the bulk liquid terminal and aboveground storage tank sector are expected at this year's event, the largest gathering in North America for the industry.
Described as faster than manual cutters and safer than chop saws, these lightweight, pneumatic-powered machines are portable to the jobsite and are used aboveground, in water or in trenches.