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on or above the surface of the ground

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Marinduque Island in the Philippines is endowed with a lot of subterranean and aboveground streams and their ecotourism potential has been recognized.
Despite these caveats, knowledge of existing seed banks, and the relationship between the seed bank and aboveground vegetation, particularly in relation to land-use history, can inform restoration efforts.
Based on nitrogen percent of aboveground, noude and grain, fixed Nitrogen in any part of plant and total nitrogen fixation in plant were calculated by use of following formula:
The portion of that project awarded to Matrix includes 12 aboveground storage tanks at the Kinder Morgan Export Terminal at Pasadena with capacity in excess of 1.
Key words: Cotton Aboveground biomass accumulation Product of thermal effectiveness and PAR (TEP) Normalization Richards Model
The values in Table 4 indicate that the average weight of aboveground biomass positively correlate with pH (R = 0.
Where Wr n:n is aboveground or root dry weights and leaf area of rice at a ratio of n:n and Wbn:n is aboveground or root dry weight and leaf area of BYG at a ratio of n:n.
Key words: monitoring, aboveground biomass, foliage biomass, LAI, percent cover, mean height, vegetation, seasonal change, long-term change, Arctic
has announced that its subsidiary, Cantar Pool Products, has struck an agreement to sell its aboveground pool business to Northern Lights Recreation Co.
Samples taken from each stake at the groundline and aboveground were sectioned into the outer 8.
In the drug-suffused soil, all three crops absorbed substantial amounts of chlortetracycline into their aboveground tissues, the researchers report in the November-December Journal of Environmental Quality.
The selection included ten "joke" paintings, their punch lines silk-screened on uninflected monochrome canvas, woven through cartoonish sketches, or drippily stenciled on somber neutral backgrounds; a few ink drawings, redrawn from the New Yorker; one "nurse" painting; and seven color photos from the "Upstate" series, 1995-99, most depicting a neglected item of suburban banality--an aboveground swimming pool, a basketball hoop, a median divider.
purpurea, from the aboveground plant, in an alcohol-free liquid).
US: The planned Freedom Tower in New York is to have an observation deck near its spire standing 1,500 feet aboveground zero.
Many studies have compared genetic variation among populations and between seed banks and aboveground vegetation for a given species.