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Synonyms for aboveboard

without concealment or deception

Related Words

in an honest manner


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Ronaldo is said to be furious at the allegations and Spanish insiders claim payment for image rights was negotiated with Madrid officials - who sanctioned them as aboveboard.
"We assure the Filipino public that all transactions in the Department are aboveboard, transparent, and in compliance with the rules and regulations as prescribed by law," it further stressed.
I stopped by my local mechanic, who is normally aboveboard.
An autonomous oversight body, UHAM agency, will be formed to ensure aboveboard operations and genuine protection of the insured," Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said.
JetCharters.com said that another way it has demonstrated commitment to aboveboard practices is its recent alignment with The Air Charter Safety Foundation or ACSF.
Meanwhile, other readers lent their support to vfx studios in the area that have stayed aboveboard:
Public sector departments particularly education and health's performance is at the lowest and increased sense of insecurity even among the local people has compelled to proceed to other cities, he added He, however, termed Dr Abdul Malik Baloch's honesty and commitment to the province people aboveboard and said he would succeed to restore peace to the province and resolve the long standing issues of the people..
Even if it seems like a professional aboveboard question to you, it is most likely a personal question from his perspective." Shana, whose mother is Van's ex-wife, Janet Minto, sang in musicals and choirs in high school and college.
Some MPs just simply did not get it; as an MP they are expected to be honest, aboveboard and capable of knowing the difference between what is right and what is wrong.
His own book illustrates that elections are far more likely to be secure and aboveboard today than at any other time in American history; systemic election fraud is a rare exception, hardly the rule.
Starting with "aboveboard" and ending with an "x (for kiss)," Garrison explains these everyday expressions in everyday language, giving their historical and social backgrounds and changes in meaning over time.
I strongly advise you to be aboveboard with the seller.
Technically, then, Shchem's offer to Jacob regarding Dinah would have been considered fair and aboveboard. If not for her brother's prejudice regarding foreigners, chances are a wedding would have resolved everything nicely for the male parties involved.