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mentioned or named earlier in the same text


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However, based on all of the above-mentioned authority, it is not unreasonable to conclude that the states are currently trending toward the applicability of P.
It overturned the above-mentioned court decision that a severely handicapped child had the right not to be born, and if born, could sue the attending physician for his birth.
In the event that no other nominations are made in this manner, the ballot distributed to the voting members will be limited to the above-mentioned candidates provided by the Nominating/Honors Committee.
The above-mentioned transactions, along with numerous other lease commitments, have caused the countywide vacancy rate to decrease to approximately 12%, while the vacancy rate for downtown White Plains "CBD" reached about 15%.
The guerrillas would have no greater motivation to settle differences with the government than they do now, especially since they have de facto control over the above-mentioned regions of Colombia.
3) They tried to pursue these goals with the above mentioned four studies, all of which are thought-provoking and done with the above goals and within the above-mentioned guidelines.
Legal action has also been taken against Wa'ad assistant secretary-general Abdulhamid Abdulrahman Murad after he was arrested and questioned regarding the above-mentioned statement.
And lastly, with regard to the above-mentioned restructuring of the Oji Group's corrugated container business, a total investment of JPY 20 billion ($US 163 million) will be required, with the restructuring expected to result in an annual profit improvement of JPY 5 billion.
Phillips president Thomas Thompson said the deal "completes our product offering by adding high--value service to our existing Hart downstream energy portfolio," including World Refining magazine, a number of fuel-related newsletters and the above-mentioned conferences.
Tenders are invited for The subject of performance under this public contract is the seller%s obligation to deliver properly and in compliance with the legal regulations, relevant technical standards and the terms of reference of the above-mentioned above-mentioned public procurement, incl.