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I think our above-board policy regarding transportation shows that MGM is a true friend to the shooting industry," Gibson said.
There are also lots of other formalities to be aware of, such as seeking an HMO (houses in multiple occupation) certificate, so it is vital that landlords seek professional advice from a solicitor or letting agent, who can ensure that everything is above-board.
Poizner, who won't take any insurance money for the race, says you needn't be rich (like Poizner) to run an above-board campaign.
Ontario's CFIB vice-president, Judith Andrews, sees it as an attack on above-board small construction firms.
The market-rate loan guarantee program that is the focus of the AP story was operated in an open, transparent and above-board manner and did not reduce the availability of low-interest disaster recovery loans to small businesses in the areas directly attacked by the terrorists.
It all sounds very right and proper and above-board.
And there has always been a suspicion that the 'entertainment' provided was not quite as above-board as their owners claimed.
But for the sake of the possible long-term mental scars, let us hope a fair and above-board fixture draw does Wales Under-19s a favour.