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Synonyms for reproach

Synonyms for reproach

to cause to feel embarrassment, dishonor, and often guilt


words expressive of strong disapproval

an implied criticism

Synonyms for reproach

disgrace or shame

express criticism towards

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He referred to his conduct and said he was above reproach.
With a new wife and another baby on the way, let's hope Georgie's intentions in meeting her were, well, above reproach, right?
And in the future if the taxi drivers want to rant and rave about council decisions they should make sure that they are above reproach with regards to driving within the law and that their vehicles comply with the construction and use regulations.
Which is why every aspect of David Cameron's inquiries into historic sex abuse must be above reproach.
Can Modi, with his high-decibel rallying cry of performance-led governance, ensure that the law and judicial system are above reproach when it comes to dealing with rape?
The chairman of the commission charged with overseeing the casino siting process must be above reproach and actively involved in all decisions.
Like every other democracy Israel is never above reproach or criticism.
But in the same sense, and to the same extent, the fact that Chokri Belaid was killed in this confrontation should not render every word he uttered above reproach and absolutely correct.
It reflects the day-to-day challenges of our profession that require the conduct of each of our members to be above reproach.
In their case of course they have had the common sense to resign their outside role in favour of being above reproach in the future representation of the people who elected them to the Assembly.
September 27, 2010 (MALAKAL) - Sultan Kong Bol Riam, an advisor on inter- communal peace, in the regional government of the southern Sudan on Monday called on church leaders and Christians to reject vandalism and live above reproach.
My Group is, at least as much as the others, committed to the principles of transparency and honesty; naturally it expects the Commissioners to be above reproach.
Vladimir Leontiev, General Manager, KUK-Russia, added: "KUK is very excited to collaborate with Fortitech and delighted to join forces with a company that not only embodies the need to deliver products that are above reproach in terms of quality assurance for the food and beverage industries, but creates solutions to the formulation challenges that can accompany product development.
We have never needed role models more and I'm sure that 90% of sportsmen and women are above reproach.
Ms Harman added: "There is a consensus across all parties that we need to put the reputation of parliament above reproach - and we will.