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Synonyms for reproach

Synonyms for reproach

to cause to feel embarrassment, dishonor, and often guilt


words expressive of strong disapproval

an implied criticism

Synonyms for reproach

disgrace or shame

express criticism towards

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Remember that all shooters will be judged by your actions and ensure that your conduct is always above reproach. Always try, whenever possible, to encourage the same attitude in your shooting companions and in any other shooter.
This was the first time that such criticisms had ever been made about the work of the Auditor General, the official government financial watchdog, whose work is considered above reproach.
It says: "Claims should be above reproach and must reflect actual usage of the resources being claimed.
That requires a chief finance minister who is above reproach and possesses the moral authority to demand we pay our taxes.
But Ms Harman said it was essential to "put the reputation of Parliament above reproach".
And when it comes to the murky world of spin doctors and blogging, no political party is above reproach.
Fine Gael TD John O'Mahony said: "Robert's bravery and sense of service to his job, career and recreational activities was above reproach. He represented everything that was good in young people." Last night tributes came in from Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy, Justice Minister Dermot Ahern and Archbishop of Dublin Dr John Neill.
Mr Cameron aspires to be Prime Minister of our country so his party must be above reproach. On that score, questions remain over the tax status of another rich Tory peer, Lord Ashcroft.
Of course, I accept Gordon Brown knew nothing about the dodgy dealings, the Premier's personal probity remains above reproach.
He said: "The defendant acknowledges the comments were wrong, should never have been published and wishes to unreservedly apologise to Mr Eastwood and to recognise his actions in connection with the fight were totally above reproach."
Only if the judges are above reproach can the accountability process have any credibility.
She emphasised that as the embodiment of women and girls, queens must endeavour to live above reproach, and shun negative behaviours they lived during their private life immediately they ascended the throne.
His post-election behaviors are what counts and they are above reproach.
class="MsoNormalSome people estimate the church to be the conscience of society and consider that the conduct of individuals leading such institutions should distinctly be above reproach.
But Kelly also grilled the OLR's litigation counsel, Jonathan Hendrix, after Hendrix noted that Mularski's failure to follow a divorce orderhad notmet the court's standard for lawyers seeking reinstatement that their behavior be exemplary and above reproach.