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Synonyms for reproach

Synonyms for reproach

to cause to feel embarrassment, dishonor, and often guilt


words expressive of strong disapproval

an implied criticism

Synonyms for reproach

disgrace or shame

express criticism towards

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Know that you have my personal commitment to manage the Department ethically and above reproach, to be forthright, honest and direct with everyone and in every circumstance and to expect the same from every DoD employee.
Simply put, few people are above reproach and no one should be placed on a pedestal.
As far as Diouf himself is concerned, Wade has let it be known that he holds the former President above reproach.
If you conclude your skills are above reproach, but your position in the organization makes you vulnerable, you have two choices: Wait for the axe--which may or may not fall--or change jobs.
He is proud of his son, and believes he acted in a way that is professionally and morally above reproach.
The Washington Post's Watergate investigation, led by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, further encouraged journalists to feel that no institution was above reproach.
It is essential that the members of society feel that the body entrusted with the power to adjudicate the conflicts between individuals be above reproach.
Wayne Brandt, executive vice president of Minnesota Forest Industries, an association representing many of the state's major forestry companies, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that any resolution of the timber-harvesting issue must be above reproach in the eyes of all interested citizens.
His personal work and ethical behavior are above reproach and I believe he is an ideal individual to carry Logicube's successes into the future.
Not all drivers are looking for a vehicle that simply meets the status quo -- many drivers are looking for a car that will obliterate the standard with premium luxury, a dynamic driving demeanor and an eye-catching style that is above reproach.
While there should be no rush to judgment there should also be no claims that someone cannot have committed a particular crime because they're above reproach or made 100 LPs.
I hope that these people are not allowed to cross our borders and wander our streets unsupervised, until we are assured that they are all completely 'legal', that none of them have 'failed' in life and that everyone is morally above reproach.
If your spouse is on the Board of Selectmen and your spouse is the chairman of the Board of Selectmen and your spouse takes part in appointing the search committee, you can be straight and honest as can be, but like Caesar's wife you have to be above reproach.
SOCIETY has always set teachers on a pedestal and expected them to act in a way that was above reproach and which sets an example to those under their charge.