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Synonyms for about-turn

change direction


  • change direction
  • reverse
  • about-face
  • volte-face
  • face the opposite direction
  • turn about or around
  • turn through 180 degrees
  • do or perform a U-turn or volte-face
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With the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 the Almanacs completed their about-turn, and patriotic, interventionist songs ensued alongside labor union songs (the two issues, of course, being coterminous, as "I'm a union man in a union war, it's a union world I'm fighting for," according to Guthrie in "There's a Better World a-Coming").
The latest in a series of Budget about-turns came just a day after the Transport Secretary insisted the rise was needed to tackle the deficit and hours after Labour calls for the change.
The about-turns take the number of prominent policy climbdowns to 21 since the coalition took power in May 2010.
There are, in fact, precedents for such about-turns in South Africa, as occurred with Japan in the early 20th century and later with Taiwan in the 1970s and 1980s, when economic ties (and potential trade and investment deals) trumped the dominant racist ideologically-driven policies of both eras to persuade political leaders to make exceptions for different East Asian populations under certain segregationist and apartheid-era laws.
What Baroness Thatcher, the lady who wasn't for turning, must make of all these ducks, dives and about-turns by David Cameron and his ministers is anyone's guess.
There are strong similarities between a dance competition and life in the Westminster village: smart manoeuvres, about-turns, fancy footwork, audience appeal and outlasting competition" Former MP Ann Widdecombe on Strictly Come Dancing "In the bleak midwinter, Cable had a moan, Torygraph have taped it, now he's on his own" A Christmas tweet from former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, below "Glasgow, you are looking good tonight.
Previous about-turns have included rescinding bans and fines against several players in March this year imposed following a disastrous tour of Australia.
Aa Jafar Farah, the head of Mossawa, an Arab political lobbying group, said the indictments, which follow a series of about-turns by state prosecutors, reflected "the current harsher political climate" for the Arab minority, one-fifth of the country's population.
With Bates able to do the swiftest of about-turns, Thompson said the recruitment machine will now roll into overdrive.
Stan James said the about-turns barely affected their book as, like almost all layers, they do not update their ante-post show until the knockout stage.
Your co-ruler, the potentially choppy Uranus, can give you about-turns in your moods, but also those quirky ways that others can find so endearing.
Mr Dale cited a number of examples where he thought Mr Brown's about-turns had proved damaging.
Lies, denials, about-turns and insensitive remarks were laid bare, exposing the mechanisms of power to chilling effect.
Abstinence-only programmes can be assured of receiving American funding, a fact that makes even successful condom-based programmes make 180 degree about-turns, as has happened in Uganda.
Some of the papers with the steepest overall drops, including The Sun in Baltimore and the San Francisco Chronicle, were hit -- but possibly helped, in the long term -- by completing about-turns in the other-paid category.