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Synonyms for about-turn

change direction


  • change direction
  • reverse
  • about-face
  • volte-face
  • face the opposite direction
  • turn about or around
  • turn through 180 degrees
  • do or perform a U-turn or volte-face
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With the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 the Almanacs completed their about-turn, and patriotic, interventionist songs ensued alongside labor union songs (the two issues, of course, being coterminous, as "I'm a union man in a union war, it's a union world I'm fighting for," according to Guthrie in "There's a Better World a-Coming").
PAUL GREGG emerged from a day of about-turns at Everton insisting his plans for a takeover at Everton are the right ones.
Hague also delivered a list of Labour about-turns at break-neck speed until he ran out of breath.
For this isn't the first of his abrupt about-turns. And it is unlikely to be the last, as he is reported to have recently purchased a property in Australia.
Simon Clarke, deputy chairman of Northern Racing, added: "We considered our options long and hard before making our decision and - having done so - we are not in the business of about-turns." As well as the nine Northern Racing tracks, the Arena Leisure and BSkyB-owned At The Races currently has a total of 25 of Britain's courses under its wing, including Ascot.
I can't recall any other Taoiseach in living memory making as many remarkable about-turns as Mr Varadkar.
Evidence from the Priyanka Gandhi Vadra episode, the indecision and the about-turns, suggests that it simply hasn't made up its mind.
PATTERSON fostered his babes on the parade ground, in fond concern for their about-turns, their sideways-wheel, their ability to salute as their fathers had saluted.
Khan's opponents termed him as 'Mr U-turn' -- citing his many about-turns on policies and decisions.
The media's about-turns on the party, Aasia Bibi and the blasphemy laws more broadly have several drivers.
By radicalizing these thinkers' various nihilistic kernels and eliminating their anthropocentric about-turns, Brassier is able to develop his own transcendental realism, 'nihilism', or 'metaphysics of extinction'.
The opportunism, about-turns and double dealing can drive the strongest men and women crazy.But outsiders see in this a helpful amoral pragmatism.
The PTIs about-turns over the nomination for the post of Punjab caretaker chief minister had continued with Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed naming ex-bureaucrat and anchorperson Orya Maqbool Jan as one of the three nominees for the position and partys spokesperson Fawad Chaudhry denying his candidacy.
I argue that the reason for such about-turns is because politicians are products of their community, and if your community about-turns on an issue, you as their representative can only but do the same.