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Synonyms for about-turn

change direction


  • change direction
  • reverse
  • about-face
  • volte-face
  • face the opposite direction
  • turn about or around
  • turn through 180 degrees
  • do or perform a U-turn or volte-face
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There are strong similarities between a dance competition and life in the Westminster village: smart manoeuvres, about-turns, fancy footwork, audience appeal and outlasting competition" Former MP Ann Widdecombe on Strictly Come Dancing "In the bleak midwinter, Cable had a moan, Torygraph have taped it, now he's on his own" A Christmas tweet from former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, below "Glasgow, you are looking good tonight.
Previous about-turns have included rescinding bans and fines against several players in March this year imposed following a disastrous tour of Australia.
In this swings and roundabouts aftermath to the general election, there may be more about-turns to come.
Aa Jafar Farah, the head of Mossawa, an Arab political lobbying group, said the indictments, which follow a series of about-turns by state prosecutors, reflected "the current harsher political climate" for the Arab minority, one-fifth of the country's population.
With Bates able to do the swiftest of about-turns, Thompson said the recruitment machine will now roll into overdrive.
Stan James said the about-turns barely affected their book as, like almost all layers, they do not update their ante-post show until the knockout stage.
Your co-ruler, the potentially choppy Uranus, can give you about-turns in your moods, but also those quirky ways that others can find so endearing.
Mr Dale cited a number of examples where he thought Mr Brown's about-turns had proved damaging.
Abstinence-only programmes can be assured of receiving American funding, a fact that makes even successful condom-based programmes make 180 degree about-turns, as has happened in Uganda.
Blair and Brown will not be forced into the humiliating about-turns and cutbacks that were the pattern of past Labour governments.
The conferees emphasized in a final communique that more efforts should be exerted in order to restore economic and social stability in those Arab nations undergoing political about-turns.
These were about-turns by a man, who was dogmatically opposed to the sale of public assets to private business, and a practical response to criticism he was a prisoner of his ideological obsessions.
They were spotted doing quick about-turns when they had seen the arch and tried to go around the outside of the bus station to miss it.
Mr Lewis added: "I think what all these apparent U-turns and about-turns indicate is the assumption that you could make these savings without affecting front line services has been shown to be untenable.
And its staggering about-turns and moving of the goalposts time after time - and generally at the last minute - have not helped to instill confidence in the market.