abound in

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Synonyms for abound in

exist in large quantity

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Allegations of pre-poll rigging abound in fact growing louder as we get closer to the July 25 vote.
Bad Neighbours 97mins LAUGHS of the lowest common denominator abound in this bawdy but brilliant frat boy versus the neighbours comedy.
Police say statistics show they have managed to reduce crime, but anecdotes of break-ins, bag-snatching and violent crimes abound in the press and social media, fuelling widespread doubt about official crime figures.
Fellow travelers, strange homes on wheels--wandahomes--pulled by mammoths, a bird who babbles all, cheerful Moorfolk, subterraneous caverns, a village named Meander, friends who will help, and those who will not, dreams directed by Merlin himself, wondrous mythic creatures, knights, a special key, Pits of Gloom, kidnapping, slavery all abound in this absorbing tale of Merlin's descendants.