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a human fetus whose weight is less than 0

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An important category B organism, Brucella abortus (vaccine strain RB51) was also provided in 2007.
abortus is highly pathogenic which survives and multiplies in an intracellular environment within host phagocytic cells.
A serologic survey of dogs for Brucella canis and Brucella abortus and evaluation of mercaptoethanol microagglutination test.
abortus sample 1119-3 antigen were used, being the latter produced by the Parana Institute of Technology (TECPAR).
Disease seroprevalences for northern Yellowstone elk were substantially lower 5-10 y following wolf restoration for bovine-virus-diarrhea virus type 1 and bovine-respiratory syncytial virus, but similar for Brucella abortus and epizootic hemorrhagic disease while higher for Anaplasma marginale and Leptospira spp.
abortus biovars (6,7); (b) a 15-kb deletion comprising omp25b and wboAwboB genes in the Brucella ovis species (6,7); (c) a wboA gene disruption by an IS711 element in the B.
000 personas/ano en actividades relacionadas con animales, con 37 de 419 casos positivos en veterinarios, relacionados especialmente con la exposicion a la vacuna viva cepa 19 Brucella abortus.
To make some sense of his life, or at least to keep a record, he writes his dreams in diaries that he reads to Abortus, the fetus of his brother kept in a jar, to whom he feels an obligation "to live part of my life for him" and who, though of course mute, becomes his only confidant.
Two animals from the Forfar farm have aborted due to Brucella abortus.
LeVier and her colleagues found that Brucella abortus with defective bacA enters mouse cells but can't create a chronic infection.
Jan de Bruijn, Geschiedenis van de abortus in Nederland (Amsterdam, 1979) 111.
But if you're going to perform abortions based on genetic testing, you must have a comprehensive and detailed autopsy of the abortus," said Dr.