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Synonyms for abort

Synonyms for abort

to bring forth a nonviable fetus prematurely


Words related to abort

the act of terminating a project or procedure before it is completed

terminate before completion

Related Words

terminate a pregnancy by undergoing an abortion

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When you talk about emergencies in your next brief, don't just say, "Aborts in accordance with NATOPS, sympathetic aborts apply.
The far more dangerous scenario is a high-speed abort.
Secondly, crew coordination was very smooth; everyone performed as briefed and in accordance with the standards, making it the high-light of the entire event, as the abort was executed as smoothly as possible.
These events illustrate that there are countless factors that go into making an abort decision.
I looked at the airspeed indicator when the abort was called and saw we were right at maximum abort speed and below maximum brake speed as the throttles went to idle.
The only uncertainty that remained was the status of our brakes after the high-speed abort.
The abort decision has been a part of my training since the first flight in the mighty T-37.
Two aborts, even a slow-speed abort, on a hot day can make these valves release tire pressure.