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Synonyms for abortive

Synonyms for abortive

failing to accomplish an intended result

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should I resolve to undertake a new pursuit, which might terminate abortively, or in some signal disaster?
She establishes the tone with sure-footed confidence, and no one maintains it better than Richard Taylor, as the police inspector, abortively disguised as the man from the Water Board, serving up his idiocies with pompous officiousness.
These results of high unemployment among educated and low among those with no formal education is not worth stupor for the economies of Pakistan where people start participating in labour oriented tasks abortively even before admitted in schools.
The early blast cells and the differentiated haematopoietic elements are abortively infected, killed and eliminated by phagocytosis by specialized marrow dendritic cells.
The European Patent is directed to Modified vaccinia virus Ankara (MVA) which abortively infects neonates used for inducing or enhancing the maturation of the immune system, and thus, for example, concerns the high risk group of the young with an immature immune system.