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Synonyms for abortive

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Synonyms for abortive

failing to accomplish an intended result

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"I incessantly ruminated on the incidents of the last night.., should I resolve to undertake a new pursuit, which might terminate abortively, or in some signal disaster?" (22) At the same time that Edgar's level of anxiety rises (although he often insists otherwise), a language of obstetrics, metaphors of pregnancy and of abortion, begin to saturate the text, and the language spoken by all the characters in it.
She establishes the tone with sure-footed confidence, and no one maintains it better than Richard Taylor, as the police inspector, abortively disguised as the man from the Water Board, serving up his idiocies with pompous officiousness.
These results of high unemployment among educated and low among those with no formal education is not worth stupor for the economies of Pakistan where people start participating in labour oriented tasks abortively even before admitted in schools.
(496) Until this point, the possibility of agency was only abortively explored by Evadne, who, despite being initially characterized as someone "essentially swift to act" (69), succumbs ultimately to an "ever increasing horror of unpleasantness in any shape or form" (351) that effectively paralyzes her.
The early blast cells and the differentiated haematopoietic elements are abortively infected, killed and eliminated by phagocytosis by specialized marrow dendritic cells.
Ending as a would-be hero of the Transcendental Negative--and then, abortively, as a bucket of fertilizer--he surely began by looking into the question of that very hell which the Calvinistic yokels of the hill country of Western Massachusetts know all too well.
Psychological complexity gives way to the awful thrill of the chase and establishes Williams, a onetime actor who flirted abortively with directing Hollywood schlock before fleeing home to Blighty, as a genre filmmaker to watch.
The 'internalized' editor, by the time he was writing Hiob, had become instinctive and unconscious, and no longer needed to be incorporated into the text as a 'ghost in the machine' of the narrative, as Roth had done in Flucht ohne Ende, Zipper and sein Vater, and, abortively, in Rechts and Links, which begins as a first-person narrative and seems to shift into omniscient third-person narration.