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Synonyms for abortive

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Synonyms for abortive

failing to accomplish an intended result

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The events which took place in August 1991, the abortive coup d'etat and its suppression, deeply influenced developments in my country.
One reason I find this scattershot method of individual philanthropy so appealing is that I know something about how major charitable institutions operate; I studied them for an abortive foundation-backed project in the mid 1970s.
According to information, the cause of the fire could not be ascertained, as an alert only got to the university authorities of a burning flat, and as gathered efforts to save the lecturer proved abortive. As also gathered by Tribune Online, the late mathematics lecturer recently resigned from the university but was yet to pack out of his official apartment before he took his own life
In the second incident in Quetta Fida Mohammad made an abortive attempt to lit the heater and suffered fire related injuries due to leakage of gas.
The closest thing to a kindred achievement might be the theatrical productions of the designer-director Richard Foreman, with their maddening frivolity and beauty, their relentless but always abortive narrativity.
The abortive economic stimulus package was to have included an amendment by Senator Kyl of Arizona that would have made death tax repeal permanent Debate on the amendment had begun, but SENATE majority leader Tom Daschle postponed amendment votes until the members could vote on cloture.
In successive waves, anarchist radicalism rose and fell; the Knights of Labor launched an abortive labor party before itself collapsing; the city's trades unions split from the Knights and stabilized themselves; and influential mugwump liberals came to revise their antiquated worldview amid the class warfare that engulfed their city.
Rodeo is set in the vast American West of de Mille's youth and tells the story of a young woman, a cowgirl, who cross-dresses in an abortive attempt to win acceptance in a rough-and-tumble world dominated by men.
figure By EVELYNE MUSAMBI class="MsoNormalThe Nakuru man whose wedding was cancelled at the last minute has spoken out for the first time on the bad blood and tell-tale signs that he ignored, which led to the abortive ceremony.
Two days later the accused made an abortive attempt to kidnap her again with ill intention and on resistance injured her.
Two days later, the accused made an abortive attempt to kidnap Asma again and beat her up upon resistance.
NAB Rawalpindi recovered Rs5 million from the management of the abortive Al-Hamra private housing society in Zone VI and returned it to Shaheen Foundation Managing Director Air Vice Marshall Mohammad Jamshad Khan.