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a person (who should be a doctor) who terminates pregnancies

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Whether the abortionists will uphold their obligations seems doubtful however.
So, in California, until voters sweep the blood money cabal from power, abortionists and rapists are winners--parents and daughters are losers.
At times one cannot but wonder whether abortionists should be considered to be a part of the medical profession at all, but whilst abortionists continue to be regarded as a branch of the profession, inevitably they will continue to lower respect for the profession.
Very, very rarely would they say that they had gone to an abortionist.
Using reports from both "pro-choice" and "pro-life" sources, including practicing and former abortionists, the book's eight chapters cover many negative aspects of abortion as it is practiced in the United States today.
We will help the ones physically and emotionally injured through abortion by supplying comprehensive legal help to sue the abortionist for malpractice.
During the first half of the century, police around the country often tolerated abortion and left abortionists alone.
Abortion providers and their clients were exposed and vilified in a series of highly publicized trials that now are a little-known aspect of the McCarthy years, and abortionists like Ruth Barnett went to jail to expiate their sins and those of the nation.
Her aim is straightforward; by personalizing abortionists as physicians of conscience rather than butchers she wants to redirect the pro-choice movement in a positive vein.
Yet the arguments of abortionists in these cases reveal deep callousness and a determination to keep the facts from their patients.
Former and current abortionists have testified to the brutal nature of this procedure.
Abortionists and the NDP call it "reproductive health services," where there is no reproduction, just death.
Steele by the pastor's description of the struggle against abortion as a "different type of war," which was likely misconstrued as a call for violence against abortionists or assaults on abortion mills.
stated that abortionists performing late-term abortions would need to be "psychologically robust".
September 11 resulted in some serious self-inflicted damage for our religious fanatics, when Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson heaped blame for this catastrophe on abortionists, feminists, gays, lesbians, and the ACLU.