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a person (who should be a doctor) who terminates pregnancies

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Of the 650 respondents, just over half (359, or 55.1%) were abortionists. Results?
Whether the abortionists will uphold their obligations seems doubtful however.
In the United States and Australia, abortionists are increasingly being sued (and justifiably) by their patients.
Very, very rarely would they say that they had gone to an abortionist. But we knew....
Using reports from both "pro-choice" and "pro-life" sources, including practicing and former abortionists, the book's eight chapters cover many negative aspects of abortion as it is practiced in the United States today.
"The goal of the project," according to David Crane, the group's national director, "will be to gather all available information on abortionists and their accomplices for the day when they may be formally charged and tried at Nuremberg-type trials for their crimes.
They tend not to conjure images of skilled and sympathetic abortionists. Rickie Solinger, then, makes an important contribution to pre-Roe v.
Abortion providers and their clients were exposed and vilified in a series of highly publicized trials that now are a little-known aspect of the McCarthy years, and abortionists like Ruth Barnett went to jail to expiate their sins and those of the nation.
Wade abortionists. Her aim is straightforward; by personalizing abortionists as physicians of conscience rather than butchers she wants to redirect the pro-choice movement in a positive vein.
If you believe (as abortionists and their media colleagues fervently do) that virtually no woman ever regrets her abortion midstream (so to speak), then why bother adding this information to the state's informed consent language?
Abortionists and the NDP call it "reproductive health services," where there is no reproduction, just death.
Abortionists do not provide their services free in contrast to pregnancy support volunteers who spend their own money to help women.
September 11 resulted in some serious self-inflicted damage for our religious fanatics, when Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson heaped blame for this catastrophe on abortionists, feminists, gays, lesbians, and the ACLU.
The case bears some resemblance to the recent flap over "The Nuremberg Files," a site that lists the names and addresses of abortionists and crosses out those who have been killed.
The site encourages anti-abortionist campaigners to collect information about "abortionists", including their car registration number and the names and ages of their family.