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a person (who should be a doctor) who terminates pregnancies

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In the United States, former abortionist and co-founder of the pro-abortion movement, the late Dr.
At times one cannot but wonder whether abortionists should be considered to be a part of the medical profession at all, but whilst abortionists continue to be regarded as a branch of the profession, inevitably they will continue to lower respect for the profession.
But away from this warm world of Sunday evening snugness, she lives a double life as backstreet abortionist visiting women in need as discreetly as she can.
"Believe me, when a woman went to an illegal abortionist, she was so glad to find somebody.
Under torture, limited for Pietro to half the time suffered by abortionist Anna de Amico as she continuously denied everything and invoked Saint Catherine of Alexa ndria, even as ropes dug into her flesh, he too refused to admit to either adultery or murder, calling the charges "tales of ruffians." But whereas Anna received severe punishment for her obstinacy, Pietro's denial under torture favorably impressed the judge, who ordered him to be "released from prison, freed, and not further molested" (205), much to everyone's satisfaction.
RU 486 (Methotrexate), the so-called "do-it-yourself' abortion pill, is said to have been promoted by abortionists, despite its serious dangers to the woman who uses it, partly to allow the abortionist to distance him/herself from having to see the results of the abortion (p.
The area was said to have been used as a burial site by infamous Nurse Cadden - a Dublin abortionist hanged for murder in the Fifties.
Expose the abortionist through innovative and aggressive free speech activities.
When he retired, he left much of his business to Barnett, and when the other well-known abortionist in the area retired soon after, Barnett's primacy was unchallenged.
This is not to say that the back-alley abortionist was a myth.
The Planned Parenthoods of this world want the abortionist to deliver a "service"--provide a by-the-numbers interview via videoconferencing and then push a button which opens a drawer from which the woman plucks the abortifacient drugs.
She plays a working class housewife and mother of two in 1950s Britain, who also has a sideline as an abortionist. As far as Vera is concerned, she's only helping out girls in trouble and does not charge for her services.
Using forceps to grab the baby's legs, the abortionist drags the body out of the birth canal, except for the head.
The 1975 law didn't specify what "delivered alive" meant or specify what is required of the abortionist when a baby survived an abortion.
When Canada bestowed its highest civilian honour on the abortionist Morgentaler, the consequences of the Winnipeg Statement reached their apex.