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an abortion-inducing drug (trade name RU_486) developed in France

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An abortion pill may end the life of your child, but it's only the beginning of the heartache and trauma that so many women face as a consequence of that decision," stated Father Matthew Habiger, OSB, Ph.
Because of concerns about anti-abortion protests, Pike originally set up an elaborate network of businesses, some handling mifepristone as an abortion pill and others to explore its use for endometriosis, emergency contraception, breast cancer treatment and other purposes.
The abortion pill consists of one tablet of a drug called mifepristone, or RU486, taken on one day and a prostaglandin pessary inserted two days later.
The abortion pill involves two drugs which trigger miscarriage, cutting out the need for surgery.
Pill advocates also argue that the abortion pill will make it harder for abortion opponents to target protests at abortion centers.
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The process is similar to the one undergone with RU 486, the French abortion pill that has gone through clinical testing in this country but is still a long way from formal approval.
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Liberty Institute represents several for-profit companies and non-profit ministries who are in various stages of challenging the ObamaCare Abortion Pill Mandate.
WARNING: Dr Kate Guthrie hospital where back-up facilities FACING PRISON Abortion pill mum Sarah Catt at court last month
In the 5 years since mifepristone, the so-called abortion pill, was approved in the United States, doctors have reported the deaths of four healthy women shortly after t2hey took the drug, according to a new report.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has decided to beef up the warning label on the abortion pill.
London -- Four months after British family-planning groups made application for the easing of restrictions on the use of the chemical abortion pill RU-486, public health minister Melanie Johnson admitted in mid-January that two women have died after taking it.
She was offered the choice of surgery or the controversial abortion pill RU-486.