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an abortion-inducing drug (trade name RU_486) developed in France

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Kaufman M, Abortion pill sales rising, firm says, Washington Post, Sept.
Women on Waves is linked as source of additional information on the Women Help Women website, as are well known, long time promoters of the abortion pill, Ibis and Gynuity.
Abortion pills will be on the vehicle but organisers say they will merely point those attending to where they can safely access the pills.
The DIY abortion pill is a great idea, given the fact that many of Scotland's teenagers become pregnant.
The abortion pill RU-486 may itself prove a promising treatment for AIDS, Weiner adds.
George Delgado and Mary Davenport, are at the forefront of this exciting new development which they call the "Emergency Abortion Pill Reversal Kit.
how to order the abortion pill online abortion pill where to buy abortion pill
Although the abortion pill was approved for use in Britain almost ten years ago, up to two-thirds of national health service abortion clinics do not offer it.
Riding A, Frenchwoman's death is linked to abortion pill and a hormone, New York Times, Apr.
A study of an anticancer drug and an anti-ulcer drug showed that together they are as effective during early pregnancy as RU 486, the so-called French abortion pill, which remains illegal in the United States except for experimental uses.
A May conference scheduled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is supposed to address some of the issues associated with the lethal, but usually inert, bacterium that has killed at least four American abortion pill patients.
Although the license was denied in February 2002 and again on appeal in June, Women on Waves were told they could provide the abortion pill for early medical abortion (up to 16 days after a missed period) aboard the ship, for which a license is not needed.