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Synonyms for abort

Synonyms for abort

to bring forth a nonviable fetus prematurely


Words related to abort

the act of terminating a project or procedure before it is completed

terminate before completion

Related Words

terminate a pregnancy by undergoing an abortion

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My lord, my main reason for coming to court is that she has kept aborting my pregnancies since we got married three years ago.
who were less than six months' pregnant each, of willingly aborting their foetuses.
This split personality is consistent in his work: in Un 32 aout sur terre there's a clash between nature and technology, between the urban and desert landscape, even between creating life and aborting it.
Rogers quotes those scholars who think that the terminal period for aborting a fetus is before and not after it is 120 days old.
Kirshon said doctors had discussed with her the possibility of aborting one or more fetus to help the others' chances for survival, but Chukwu declined.
They [the people responsible for the botched abortion] started to look for a doctor because I kept bleeding and bleeding and not aborting.
She dares to use her dance-theater piece Sita's Daughters to speak to them of issues that seem, in India, unspeakable: of rape; of the practice of aborting female babies; and of the mythological figure Rama, who inisists that his wife, Sita, walk through a fire to prove that she has been faithful to him.
California reader Don Coolidge says, "I find the parents, wish ethically abhorrent and in no way different from the Chinese practice of aborting females.
Couples deliberately conceiving with the express purpose of aborting the fetus to use the tissue to possibly help another family member.
35) In 1915 Concuilla Kappel reported her attempts at aborting to a Mrs.
96), are negatively related to the probability of aborting a pregnancy.
For example, if the original cause of the job failure no longer exists, aborting the entire job is unnecessarily pessimistic because it delays job completion and wastes the computer resources already spent running the job's upstream tasks, reducing the system's throughput.
South Carolina has a long history of grotesque abortion stories--from aborting a baby who lived 21-days to documenting an abortionist grinding up babies' bodies in a common sink disposal.
The pilot further reported aborting the initial takeoff due to a low cylinder temperature indication.