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Synonyms for abortifacient

a drug (or other chemical agent) that causes abortion

causing abortion

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Medicinal properties of plants are not necessarily denied in our contemporary political situation, but they are carefully cultivated to avoid certain societal scripts, so much so that a connection in thought or conversation between plants with abortifacient properties and everyday contraception rarely happens, unless it is to disdain their uses.
Excessive use of this herb should be avoided because it is thought to have uterine stimulant, emmenagogic, and abortifacient properties.
Ethnobotanical investigation has reported that the seeds of DC, commonly known as Gajar in India, have been traditionally used as an abortifacient. (6) Tribal peoples of southern Rajasthan have used DC seed to regulate menstruation and in higher doses as an effective abortifacient.
According to three studies using simulated clients conducted in Latin American countries, pharmacy vendors are aware of the abortifacient properties of misoprostol, but have limited knowledge about effective doses and do not provide sufficient counseling or follow-up instructions.8-10 A study conducted in Mexico City in 2003 reported that pharmacy vendors recommended misoprostol in 39% of the scenarios in which a simulated client asked for a drug to "induce menstruation," but that in only 17% of those interactions did pharmacy workers actually provide correct information about an effective dosage.
To the Editor: Despite the worldwide economic impact of, and welfare issues associated with, infectious bovine abortifacients, as well as potential zoonotic threats to human health, accurate diagnosis of the causes of abortion is uncommon (1).
This implies that an intrauterine device (IUD) is not an abortifacient. Yet, the 2009 edition of The Physicians' Desk Reference describes the "possible mechanism(s) by which copper enhances contraception efficacy, [which] include interference with sperm transport or fertilization, and prevention of implantation."
Some opponents of abortion claim that emergency contraception, labels notwithstanding, is not merely contraceptive but also abortifacient in effect.
The government will soon offer the abortifacient drug Misoprostol in 96 hospitals in Cuba.
Experts in the fields of pharmacy, biology, gynecology, and obstetrics have come to the conclusion that today's hormonal contraceptives not only possess their contraceptive properties but have potential abortifacient mechanisms that can kick in when the contraceptive mechanism fails.
The study was carried out in a large Latin American city where misoprostol is routinely sold without a prescription despite being a prescription-only drug and not licensed for use as an abortifacient. A random sample of pharmacists were interviewed about their background, their knowledge of medical abortifacients, requests for abortifacients in their pharmacy and sales of misoprostol.
While books and flyers making claims I about the abortifacient properties of the Pill have been circulating at anti-abortion rallies and conservative conventions for years (I first saw anti-Pill propaganda at a Washington, D.C., Promise Keepers rally in 1997), only lately have they burst into the mainstream.
A lack of recognition of pregnancy risk has been shown to limit emergency contraception use." In addition, they mention that some women may choose not to use the method because they fear negative effects or believe that it is an abortifacient. The researchers suggest that future studies need to examine what motivates women to or prevents them from using the method appropriately.
Considered literally, the morning-after pill can be called neither an abortifacient nor a contraceptive.
The Irish Medicines Board banned Levonelle three years ago on the grounds it was an abortifacient but the decision was later reversed.