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Synonyms for abortifacient

a drug (or other chemical agent) that causes abortion

causing abortion

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), popularly known as "Obamacare" includes a "contraceptive mandate," which will force all insurance plans to include abortifacient drugs such as ella and Plan B with no cost sharing.
Mandated inclusion of contraception, sterilization and abortifacient drugs in health plans poses an obvious potential conflict with rights of conscience," Cardinal DiNardo wrote.
The drug manufacturer's application is very misleading because the chemical makeup of ulipristal is almost identical to mifepristone, popularly known as RU-486, which is primarily an abortifacient.
The abortifacient progestogen type of MAP is currently in common use because it causes less nausea and vomiting than the combined type and is significantly more effective.
And, of course, Miss Hall fails to recognise the irrefutable medical evidence that links prolonged use of contraceptive abortifacient drugs and surgical abortion itself with the dramatic rise in the cases of breast cancer.
Excessive use of this herb should be avoided because it is thought to have uterine stimulant, emmenagogic, and abortifacient properties.
More recently, in April 2013, two bishops, Luis Cabrera Herrera, Archbishop of Cuenca, and Antonio Arregui, Archbishop of Guayaquil, told Catholic News Agency's ACI Prensa that EC should be totally banned because it was, allegedly, an abortifacient.
For women in Texas, with its increasingly restrictive abortion laws, that supply comes in the form of abortifacient drugs flowing across the border from Mexico, where they are available without a prescription.
Our interest being that this Pill can act as an abortifacient if fertilisation has taken place.
On 21 February, the German Bishops' Conference decided to allow Catholic hospitals to use the morning-after pill in cases of rape, provided that the medication acts as a contraceptive and not as an abortifacient.
It would exempt "religiously motivated employers," which are defined as church-affiliated or "any entity that has 10 or less shareholders, members, or partners who have religious beliefs which oppose contraceptive or abortifacient drugs, devices, or methods.
One of the botanicals of interest in which the abortifacient claims in the folk medicine have been substantiated by scientific evidence (2) but with no documentation in the open scientific literature on its bioactive abortifacient agent(s) is Senna alata.
Barrack [sic] Hussain [sic] Obama has taken on abortion directly as well as the use of Obamacare to provide contraception and abortifacient drugs I feel it is proper and important to have included him on the list I tweeted about," she added.
5) Because of the sensitivity of the topic and the legal implications of self-induced abortions in Mexico, where abortion is mostly illegal outside of the capital, it is difficult to investigate pharmacy vendors' knowledge about misoprostol's abortifacient properties and the information they provide to clients who request it.
This poor diagnosis could be explained in part by the lack of identification of infectious abortifacient agents.