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Synonyms for overshoot

an approach that fails and gives way to another attempt

shoot beyond or over (a target)

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She insisted the "go-around" the " Russian pilot performed - the technical term for an aborted landing on final approach - was a standard procedure and said neither of the airlines involved had made a formal complaint.
Using NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting System, along with news accounts and reports sent to other federal agencies, the AP tallied 35 landings and 115 approaches or aborted landing attempts at wrong airports by commercial passenger and cargo planes over more than two decades.
According to the Mirror, pilots aborted landing at last moment as Reds arrived for the match where they will mourn the death of Munich disaster survivor Bill Foulkes.
On August 22, an Air India flight carrying over 100 passengers from Riyadh aborted landing just about 350 feet from touchdown after the pilot spotted a Jet Airways plane waiting to take off from the airstrip.
What is an aborted landing? A takeoff one discontinues is an "abort." A landing one discontinues is a "go around." What about when a landing is going poorly but the aircraft already is past the NLT go-around point?
He then quickly dived downwards to resume the aborted landing. As a result, the aircraft's front underway carriage hid the ground before the back carriage.
The CAD's list included failure to follow standard operating procedure for a go-around after an aborted landing; failure to properly operate cockpit equipment; lack of co-ordination between pilot and co-pilot; pilot fatigue; sudden change in weather conditions; and inadequate reactions by the pilot and co-pilot.
"The crew initially suspected a defect with the landing gear and commenced a missed approach." A missed approach means an aborted landing approach.
Local media reported that the pilot aborted landing at the Jumla airport and slammed the Canadian-made Twin Otter aircraft into the mountainside.
Fog caused two aborted landing attempts for an Air New Zealand aircraft carrying Britain's Prince William in New Zealand.
The plane was called to another job during the aborted landing, but when it returned, the defendant again shone his beam into the cockpit of Captain Glen Keating.
10, three airmen were killed during an aborted landing of a C-130 transport plane at the Ahmed Al Jaber Air Base, west of Kuwait City.
Journalist Omid Scobie wrote as the incident unfolded: "Our plane has aborted landing. Captain calling it a "missed approach" - there was another plane on the runway that was leaving too slowly.
The pilots told investigators "that they did not recall seeing aircraft on taxiway but that something did not look right to them," the NTSB said.Investigators could not hear what the Air Canada captain and co-pilot said to each other during the aborted landing because their conversation was recorded over when the plane made other flights, starting with a San Francisco-to-Montreal trip the next morning.
A TransAsia Airways domestic flight crashed after an aborted landing during Matmo, killing 48 people on board while 10 passengers survived.