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Synonyms for aborigine

original inhabitant


Synonyms for aborigine

a dark-skinned member of a race of people living in Australia when Europeans arrived

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Mansell challenges the socially held belief that Aborigines are somehow better off because of Australian colonialism--a big ask given the Australian investment in the idea of our inferiority and the formidable ability of the many to ignore negative feedback about their beliefs (Schulz 2010).
However, if P Brookside cared to visit the Aborigine museums in Adelaide and Melbourne or read the noticeboards outlining the tragic history of the original occupants of the country in the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Sydney, he might be more careful in issuing such a challenge.
And in the contents, under the heading 'The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia':
Secret Dreamtime ceremonies are also celebrated by the Aborigines.
Maybe the Aussies should look to their indigenous Aborigines to improve their cricket.
Since the aborigines lived where the debris flow occurred, their future risk is higher than that of other ethnic groups.
This was also the time when Aborigines were leaving country towns and flocking to the city.
Prior of the traditional aborigine dance show leaders hold conversation with each other
It addresses the employment, education and welfare challenges faced by Aborigines and calls for substantial changes, including the introduction of a national "healthy welfare" card for all, a significant reduction in the number of income support payments and bans on young people accessing welfare unless they are training or in work.
Living Dead in the Pacific: Racism and Sovereignty in Genetics Research on Taiwan Aborigines
Prime Minister Julia Gillard has expressed her support for the bill and told Parliament that the current situation of Aborigines in Australia remained "the unhealed wound that even now lies open at the heart of our national story," (http://www.
What about those from Australasia or Oceania, like the Aborigines of Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and the dark-skinned Melanesians of the Pacific?
Melbourne, Apr 6 ( ANI ): One of Australia's largest energy broking firms has been forced to sack co-founder and CEO Ben Polis after he posted racist and sexist comments on his personal Facebook page against Aborigines, Asians and women, including Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
The man, who was about 35 when he died nearly eight thousand years ago, may be a remote relative of Taiwan s aborigines who today make up about two percent of the island s population, according to the head of the team, Chen Chung-yu.
Tourism held a range of meanings for both Aborigines and non-Aborigines: for Aborigines tourism represented a means of 'keeping up the culture'; for non-Aborigines it was an encounter with a 'primitive' other.