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Synonyms for aborigine

original inhabitant


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Synonyms for aborigine

a dark-skinned member of a race of people living in Australia when Europeans arrived

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'Marginal men A study of two half-caste Aborigines,' Oceania, Vol.
Australian Aborigines share as much DNA with Denisovans as do New Guineans, the researchers say.
Mary visits a nearby Aborigine housing estate, or so-called reserve, where she is stunned by the conditions.
The imported proposals for the new identity of Egypt are so many and widely conflicting that it might be impossible to hold the nation together any longer; unless they intervene heavily and influentially, the aborigines will pay the price.
Before analyzing the characteristics of the Shau Aborigines, it is necessary first to know about the country of Holland (The Netherlands), which is bigger than Taiwan with an area of about 41,000 square kilometers, and which has population of about 15,000,000 people, which is smaller than that of Taiwan.
More than 130 Japanese died in the massacre, which shocked the authorities and led to a military reprisal and siege in which more than 600 Aborigines were killed in action or committed suicide.
Aborigines' campaigner Neil Gillespie said of Cherie (left): "She is as sharp as a Samurai sword."
Very often, the remembrance simply omitted that Batman's city-founding included a transaction with Aborigines. When 'Batman's treaty' was included, it could be told as a redemptive 'ceremony of possession' (Attwood's term), rendering 'the national conscience ...
The greater part of her book documents the processes by which, for nearly 150 years, South Australian Aborigines were rendered 'not part of the public'.
Summary: A senior UN human rights expert has criticised Australia over its treatment of Aborigines in Outback communities.
James Anaya, a UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Rights, has criticised the policy, saying it violated international obligations on human rights by imposing radical restrictions on Aborigines during a crackdown on child sex abuse in the communities.
"A teacher showed us, the way, Australian Aborigines threw the curved piece of wood [boomerang] and how it returned to its point of origin ", said Nasser Al Nachas, 16 an Emirati grade 11 pupil who was on 'Summer Abroad Programme' organised by Abu Dhabi Educational Council (ADEC).
Aborigines in the Outback will be among the Australians hardest hit by climate change, with higher rates of disease likely and spiritual suffering too when forced to see their ancestral lands ravaged, according to an expert report.
Boyce has written interesting journal articles on imported dogs, including their quick adoption by Aborigines, and much of that material is incorporated in this book.
In an otherwise sensible letter (GDN, October 27), Amr Selim says that we don't see native Americans or Australian Aborigines calling immigrants "those naturalised".