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Synonyms for aborigine

original inhabitant


Synonyms for aborigine

a dark-skinned member of a race of people living in Australia when Europeans arrived

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The whites have assisted greatly in rendering the traditions of the Aborigines more obscure by their own manner of corrupting names.
Coincidentally I`ve just come across a report about a 'Forgotten Aborigine team who changed cricket forever.
While in Oz Ron signed two Aborigine players he nicknamed Pele and Didi after the great Brazilians, because of their skills
For example, during the reconstruction process, there were dozens of bulldozers and gravel trucks in Baolai while there were at most only two bulldozers and two gravel trucks in the aborigine tribes.
Prior of the traditional aborigine dance show leaders hold conversation with each other
Then, as we got nearer to the serving counter, we saw a young Aborigine woman at the side of the queue.
If one could observe very closely the features of Whoopi Goldberg, he would have no doubt that she is a descendant of an Aborigine.
Polis had posted racist remarks about Liam Jurrah, an Aborigine and one of the Demons' star players.
A one-two punch of migrations into Asia, including early interbreeding with the mysterious Denisovans, also emerges from an inspection of an Aborigine man's DNA, led by geneticist Morten Rasmussen of the Natural History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.
Mary visits a nearby Aborigine housing estate, or so-called reserve, where she is stunned by the conditions.
THOUSANDS of cheering wellwishers greeted Prince William yesterday as he visited an aborigine community in Australia.
As he prepared to leave Lake Macquarie, he despaired that 'unless a Special Providence interfere, there will not be an Aborigine left in these districts, in the course of a few years, acquainted with the language which has cost me so much anxiety, and so many years of my life to obtain a knowledge thereof'.
An Aborigine is, by any reasonable modern definition, a person.
13, the Aborigine People received a formal apology from the newly elected Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd.
Aborigine activists fought hard for their rights to own the land that belonged to them decades ago.