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Synonyms for Aboriginal

Synonyms for Aboriginal

existing, born, or produced in a land or region

Synonyms for Aboriginal

a dark-skinned member of a race of people living in Australia when Europeans arrived

characteristic of or relating to people inhabiting a region from the beginning


having existed from the beginning

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Their findings provide a valuable tool for identifying areas occupied aboriginally by a present-day Indian tribe.
focus on middle-class home life; appeal massively to their readers' tenderest emotions; deal in types rather than psychologically individuated characters; write with evangelical ends in mind; and compulsively chronicle the improbable career of a pious, nubile, aboriginally middle-class but temporarily declassee white American girl whose exemplary fortitude under a storm of adversities is rewarded with a spouse, solvency, and salvation.
When it happens, Nunavut (the Inuktitut word for our land) will become the hemisphere's first aboriginally enfranchised territory.
Johnson's basic premises on superior European rights to aboriginally occupied territory and much of its analysis of the Doctrine's delimitations of the scope of indigenous sovereignty rights were subsequently adopted as a model for structuring the relations of other English-derived settler-states with their indigenous peoples as well.
The domain itself, at least aboriginally, is not human.
Despite his surprise, Mountford recognised that Aboriginally had shaped Namatjira's perception and persisted in his expression in watercolours.
And one Aboriginally owned business venture is offering safety and security in more ways than one.
The Chauvels chose to credit the actor by that name rather than Bob Wilson, the moniker he had adopted while living in Darwin, to suggest a similarly direct access to a traditional Aboriginally.
The recent creation of Nunavut and its grant of semi-autonomy as a distinct, aboriginally administered federal territory complicates the regulatory environment in the Canadian Arctic.
Although aboriginally, the Montagnais had no conception of retribution after death and were shocked when Le Jeune told them of retribution, heaven and hell, parallel traditions developed during the 18th century.
Yet even a judge could live her whole life without ever hearing that the approach to justice in this country springs to a great extent, even in its written form, out of two Aboriginally dominated legal documents.
In any given sentence Michon can take off from the prosaic and pedestrian on a flight that smacks of the visionary and aboriginally imaginative.
Such so-called progress generally comes at the expense of Aboriginally self-determined directions into the future.
Instead of having it as a government program you give it to an arm's length board of directors, Aboriginally controlled and operated, and let them do what the community says.
the dark alleys of the world, aboriginally loathsome, immeasurable, and