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Synonyms for healing

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Synonyms for healing

tending to cure or restore to health

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Aboriginal Healing Foundation Executive Director DeGagne (2005) further warns, "We recognize that, on both sides, there are those either unprepared for or uninterested in reconciliation" (p.
The Final Report of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation echoes Alexie's concern: "[M]any of those who went through the schools were denied an opportunity to develop parenting skills" (257).
Nevertheless, many researchers attempt to typify the essential characteristics of both biomedicine and Aboriginal healing beliefs.
Funding for the Aboriginal Healing and Wellness strategy, a partnership between the Ontario government and 15 Aboriginal organizations, has increased its funding to $38.3 million representing an increase of 15 per cent for a third five-year term.
The budget includes a commitment of $345 million over the next five years for First Nations early learning and child care, special education and child and family services, as well as $340 million over the next five years for on reserve housing, Aboriginal languages and culture and continued funding of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation.
The Centre Kutikuniu will use traditional Aboriginal healing methods to victims of physical and sexual abuse.
Indeed, as Lux points out in her conclusion, Aboriginal healing practices have gained new relevance in today's world.
In addition, there seems to be an ill fit between the intellectual acceptance of and personal respect demonstrated towards Aboriginal healing. The author demonstrates an implicit acceptance of the fact that Aboriginal medicine exists, is effective, and is sometimes superior to Western medicine.
The Aboriginal Healing Foundation (AHF), based in Ottawa (Ontario), works with Canada Native communities to reduce incidents of physical and sexual abuse, children in care, suicide, and incarceration among residential school survivors and their families.
The city of Vancouver and community organizers are considering the construction of several Aboriginal healing and wellness centres throughout the city.
Spear was communications director of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation and focused on what happened after April 1, 1969, when the system officially ended and the schools began to close.
The Aboriginal Healing Foundation is one organization that was slated to receive funds horn the Catholic Church.
The survey was conducted in 2007-2008 when the Aboriginal Healing Foundation was working with residential school survivors in the province and when court cases were being heard.
* defunding of both the Sisters in Spirit Initiative and the Aboriginal Healing Foundation;
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