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Antonyms for aboral

opposite to or away from the mouth


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Pa element lateral side: straight main body or slightly bent aborally in its posterior region.
Gonopod: Telocoxite with distal lamella, medial lamella and aborally directed lateral lamella with small teeth and a larger, arched hook (Fig.
Secundibrachials slightly cuneate uniserial, same approximate dimensions and same distal expansion as on primibrachials, aborally rounded.
While swimming, their tentacles were extended aborally in the direction of movement.
Thereafter, no plates are added to the oral surface; new plates can only be generated aborally, and the aboral plates do not migrate around the margin to the oral surface.
The lower comb rows beat faster than the upper rows, with ciliary power strokes directed aborally, when the animal turns to swim mouth upward (negative geotaxis).
Viewed aborally, metaplica short with concave apical surface such that lateral margin is curled outwards brevilobata (Attems, 1928)