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opposite to or away from the mouth


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However, the aboral surface of the developing juvenile disk has a pattern of uniform, sparse ciliation.
Larvae with malformations showed different defects in the skeleton: the aboral end open or crossed (Figs.
A low pseudokeel is located in the anterior part of the platform on its aboral side, however, the keel is depressed in the middle and posterior parts (Fig.
(8) Length of the cranium (median frontal length) from the most aboral point on the vertex of the cranium in the median plane to the median point of the nasofrontal suture AN (Akrokranion--Nasion).
This revealed that spontaneous rhythmic spiking originated in the aboral end of the bulb.
Morphological features of the samples were observed by naked eye (aboral and oral view) followed by inspection on abactinal (aboral) and actinal (oral) surfaces and terminals (arm tips), whereas detailed observations were done with aid of Olympus SZ 51 stereomicroscope.
By focusing on initiation of harvesting at 10% and termination at the first signs of "melt" (wide-spread) release of gametes from goniducts on the aboral surface), the windows would retain (conserve) a residual population of small urchins for further growth and large urchins for breeding stock.
Esta constituido por dos tipos de mucosas, la porcion proximal o no glandular que es revestida por epitelio escamoso estratificado de espesura variable y similar a la mucosa esofagica, considerada por algunos autores como una proyeccion del esofago, y la parte distal del estomago (aboral), recubierta por mucosa glandular y ocupa los dos tercios restantes y a su vez comprende la region del cardias, el fundus gastrico y la region pilorica o antral; la union entre la region escamosa y glandular recibe el nombre de margo plicatus (borde plegado) [4, 19, 27, 28].
To facilitate the comparison of the different regions of spatangoid tests and because of their very strong bilateral symmetry, we opted to deviate from the traditional urchin test nomenclature and use the terms "ventral" (instead of "oral") and "dorsal" (instead of "aboral").
Small colon identification was proceeded by direct palpation, and the further aboral segment was externalized; after delimitation and emptying of the enterotomy site segment, two coprostasis forceps were applied in order to prevent fecal flow.
The oral and aboral filament surfaces are rounded, and the filaments are widest and most strongly curved at their junction with the base.
Intestinal microflora stimulates myoelectric activity of rat small intestine by promoting cyclic initiation and aboral propagation of migrating myoelectric complex.