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opposite to or away from the mouth


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Na distribuicao do nervo entre as estruturas miofasciais, este descreve pequeno trajeto ascendente em direcao a porcao aboral da raiz lingual, alcanca a arteria lingual cruzando-a e assumindo posicao medial em relacao ao vaso de continuacao desta, ou seja, a arteria profunda da lingua.
Each segment was cannulated at the oral and aboral end and secured vertically in a jacketed organ bath containing Krebs-Henseleit solution maintained at 37[degrees]C and oxygenate dwith 95% [O.
Cannibalism occurred when a predatory urchin first consumed the spines of a conspecific prey urchin, usually on the aboral surface, and then proceeded to break the test and consume completely the test and other organs.
Goniocrinus with a medium cone-shaped aboral cup; stellate ridges on aboral cup plates; low infrabasals; deep, peneplenary radial facets; two, high primibrachials; high secundibrachials; much expansion along the distal margin of brachials; ramulate arms with admedial ramule every second brachial; and a recurred anal sac with multiple vertical ridges formed by plate sculpturing; column pentagonal; cirri in middle part of column.
Three to five biopsy specimens were obtained from the aboral part of the duodenum with standard forceps during upper endoscopy.
Fraction A contained the mesocolic or perirectal tissues around the tumor and 1 cm away in both oral and aboral directions.
0 mm Length from the condyle: aboral border of the condyle process--infradentale 493.