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away from the mouth or oral region


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Yang, "Research status of full-scale accelerated pavement testing in China and aborad," Journal of China & Foreign Highway, vol.
Intussuscepta are usually orad to the intussuscipiens (anterograde intussusception), but can also be aborad (retrograde intussusception).
Kay Paensanit, PR & Marketing Executive, Millennium Resort Mussanah, wondered why people should travel aborad when they can enjoy the best of Omani hospitality at home.
"Whether it is retaining the talented graduates of our great universities or attracting inward investment, we need working class North Eastern working class culture to be valued aborad and at home.
Banks in Oman are being required to report foreign currency credit exposures within 15 days of the end of each quarter and must also report funds placed aborad within 10 days of the end of each quarter.
aIn this way we will stimulate the farmers to remain here instead of seeking jobs aborad,a the Agriculture Minister said.
Solbakken, his assistant Johan Lange and first-team coach Patrick Weiser all spent time with their families aborad but are now back for the clash which kicks off at 3pm.
James takes to her Twitter account to dispell acting rumoros, especially before producers and screen writers were brought aborad the film.
Although most of the doctors going aborad intend to stay for just a few months or couple of years before returning, more are staying for longer.
Do online comparisons for insurance and look for family and year-long deals rather than expensive one-offs Book car hire before you leave the UK - walk-in rates aborad and at airports are always more expensive.
Turkey and Israel have got close thrice to a reconciliation to mend ties which were strained over the flotilla affair -- reportedly due to Israel's last-minute refusal to make an official apology for those who were killed aborad the Gaza-bound aid ship.
Abdel Zahir, who denied he had targeted Copts when he went on a shooting rampage aborad the train, has been remanded for 15 days and will stand trial in front of the Higher State Security Court 'for the crime he committed was at public opinion case'.
The Tiburtina Ensemble often appears here in the Czech Republic, but what about your tours and concerts aborad?
In May, under mediation by Turkey and Brazil, the Tehran leadership had agreed to a plan for its uranium to be enriched aborad. But the West then reacted with scepticism to the proposal for 1,200 kilograms of low-grade enriched uranium from Iran to be shipped to Turkey and traded for more highly-enriched uranium.
CUT YOUR MOBILE COSTS ABORAD MOBILE costs in the EU have come down but are still high enough to catch people out.