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Synonyms for abominate



Synonyms for abominate

to regard with extreme dislike and hostility

Synonyms for abominate

find repugnant

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Abominating the gifts of Belgian pervert and multiple murderer Marc Dutroux (sentenced last June to life imprisonment)12 as standover man for terrorising Brussels bureaucrats ever since the mid-1990s, Bossi called the European Union's leaders "filthy pigs" wanting to "make paedophilia as easy as possible.
While the idea of firms consistently making inefficient investments in IT is abominating the neoclassical view of the firm as a profit maximizer, it can be explained by evolutionary economics which treat the firm as a more complex entity that it is.
127]) so Zoe herself is able to enter the lesbian demi-monde without abominating a woman who speaks of 'these days of hairy legs and baggy overalls among the sisterhood' (p.