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Synonyms for abominate



Synonyms for abominate

to regard with extreme dislike and hostility

Synonyms for abominate

find repugnant

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Then it turned into the middle-class detached house in its garden in the new suburbs so abominated by Ruskin and others, designed by minor obscure architects or run up by builders with the help of pattern books.
This history was not touched on by the Maysles in their smirking presentation of the pair, but the authors of the new musical--Doug Wright (book), Michael Korie (lyrics), and Scott Frankel (music)--went in search of it, drawing on a diary Little Edie kept in 1928 and :929 which presented the poignant picture of a daughter who both loved and abominated her neurotic, exhibitionistic mother.
The overwhelming majority of the German people abominated the crimes committed against the Jews and did not participate in them.
He lived long enough, alas, to witness the Soviet slaughter of 18 million souls in the name of such putatively timeless and placeless "truths" Tolkien also abominated the prospect of English emerging as the new lingua franca for the entire world.
Mencken, one of the many American celebrities whom Cooke came to know: "As old age came on he was noticeably more tolerant, even of types he abominated, like evangelists, city politicians and golfers.
In Mahon's discussion of 'Night-Train Journey', a variant title for 'Girls in Their Seasons', he comments in the letter cited above that 'its present form, which incidentally represents a reasonable compromise between the ur-version and the rewrite of it which you abominated, should leave you fairly happy, I think'.
Seen in relation to Avignon and the papal court that he abominated, Vaucluse provided him a refuge (Rime 114).
The ideological load of this provision was expressed when former Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed exulted that the West could never be subjected to another National Energy Program of the type it had abominated under the more interventionist Liberals, who had decreed a low national price for oil and gas as a competitive advantage for Canadian industry and consumers.
Other discreditable approbations have been lavished on salty and fatty products abominated by nutritionists.
Visiting Bernard Berenson's villa "I Tatti," he encountered Leo Stein, Gertrude's brother, who abominated his "big sister.
12 "In the end there were to be found in [the Wolf Man] two contrary currents side by side, of which one abominated the idea of castration, while the other was prepared to accept it and console itself with femininity as a compensation" ("Infantile" 275; my emphasis).
Rampersad surmises that, by publishing his work in radical journals like New Masses, Hughes was probably offering "a clandestine challenge to Godmother, who abominated socialism" (161).