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Synonyms for abominate



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Synonyms for abominate

to regard with extreme dislike and hostility

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Synonyms for abominate

find repugnant

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One could argue and say it matters not where the donations come from but I abominate those who are cashing in on Stephen's illness by their own self-interest by taking advantage of the situation, promoting themselves or their business.
Not even the scream of a bird or the shrill cry of a monkey to break the dark solitude--and either would have been welcome; for, though I generally abominate monkey, which roasted, looks too much like roast baby, I was now at that point of semi-starvation when I should have been delighted in a tender bit even of gorilla (56).
To receive the spirit, [...] must tear the body open so that the spirit might enter him." (17) To enter God's kingdom, one must abominate the flesh, which stymies religious yearning.
The court stated that this killing of a civilian did not constitute an "abominate action" and would have unreasonably expanded the definitions of armed conflict and war crimes.
Chancery in your own Breast" and "abominate the use of all
But no swine, which both Jews and Mohammedans abominate." (8)
we abominate in others those faults which are most manifestly our own, and with a miraculous lack of shame'.
On this, My dying day, I hate, disdain, abominate Nazi Germany,
Being a Roman Catholic myself, I abominate what has happened in the past to the men and women who were violated by priests, who ordained to become pillars of the Roman Catholic Church.
Down: 1 Emery; 2 Hopes; 3 Bloomer; 4 Track record; 5 Treads; 6 Abominate; 7 Estates; 8 Elder; 9 Intimidated; 10 Pacify; 11 Newt; 12 Birchall; 13 Memorandum; 14 Fate; 15 Secluded; 24 Awl; 28 Lampoon; 30 Often; 31 All square; 32 APB; 34 Oversee; 36 Uncommon; 38 Shining; 40 Oilskin; 42 Meals; 43 Athlete; 45 Sheer; 47 Ewe; 49 Enemy; 52 Punjabi; 54 ETA; 55 Dreaded; 56 Okapi; 58 Deepest; 60 Wisdom; 61 Infers; 63 Adorned; 66 Tiree; 69 Aberdeen; 71 Sarcasm; 72 Senseless; 73 Diploma; 74 Omits; 76 Leo; 77 Ramekin; 79 Samurai; 80 Iraqi; 82 Heaps; 84 Ilk; 85 Neutral; 86 Cement mixer; 87 Cheese straw; 89 Ideal; 90 Here and now; 93 Dark horse; 95 Air; 97 Improper; 99 Flexible; 102 Heights; 104 Amnesia; 105 Eli; 108 Greasy; 110 Inland; 112 Shuts; 114 Pivot; 115 Tasty; 117 Odds; 119 Raid.
George Mason warned against maintaining peacetime standing armies-"I abominate and detest the idea of a government, where there is a standing army," to quote him exactly--but James Madison thought that a "government of a federal nature" could be entrusted with "one of the greatest mischiefs that can possibly happen." Madison argued that not even the "most arbitrary despot" would "drag the militia unnecessarily to an immense distance"
"[A]ll cultures abominate murder, theft, treachery, dishonesty, and other cardinal vices." (33) When moral disagreements arise, asserts Callicott, they stem partly from a variation in the strength and sensitivity of moral sentiment that does not undermine a broad general agreement, partly from different ways of understanding the facts, and partly from disputes about what Callicott calls "proximate values." They are not about the most deeply held values, which Callicott calls "ultimate values." For example, while we may all find some ultimate value in the environment we live in, we may disagree about how to protect it.
"I abominate and detest the idea of government, where there is a standing army," George Mason told Virginia's ratifying convention.
When she echoed the rhetoric of the book of Revelation 6:16 (8), for example, she prophesized that many of the "sable-skinned Africans" that White Americans abominate would excel in "the kingdom of heaven as the stars forever and ever." Stewart placed the main duty of reform on White America, though, whose deeds threaten true democracy.
(14) According to Crapol, one of his biographers, it was the three years experience as a teacher in this private school that caused Blaine to abominate slavery and become a lifelong opponent of discrimination and inequality.