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Synonyms for abominably

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Synonyms for abominably

in an offensive and hateful manner

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"My father may have been very foolish - I suppose he was really worse than foolish - but I think that he was most abominably and shamefully treated, and so long as I live I shall never forgive those who were responsible for it.
He was himself well frosted, and the cold bit abominably into his shoulder wounded by the leopard; but a better constitution and better general care of him enabled him to survive.
A general smile followed, in which Wolf Larsen joined, and the dinner went on smoothly, thanks to me, for he treated me abominably the rest of the meal, sneering at me and patronizing me till I was all a-tremble with suppressed rage.
A report from the Caernarfon branch in September 1939 stated that North Wales had been treated "abominably" in rehoming families from Liverpool.
Speaking personally, I am sickened buy the way in which the Conservative party chose a real rotter who behaved abominably to his partner as PM and because he knows that Parliament will not in fact agree with this deception of proroguing Parliament in order that participation by Parliament in discussing his "no deal" is purely notional.
Royal biographer Andrew Morton supported Ward's claim when he revealed in his book how Prince William's friends treated Kate "abominably" in the early days of their romance.
CONCERNING Iona David's letter ("British pensioners treated abominably", WM, July 6), as a pensioner myself who is just above the Pension Credit level, I agree with some of her comments in the first paragraph but think she needs to dig a bit deeper to get to the truth.
Respect to all our '66 heroes - you were treated abominably and we'll never see your likes again.
The news abounds with stories of young white men behaving abominably. Privileged private-school boys taunting a Native American activist, donning blackface.
He says: "I failed abominably. I'm just hopeless in the mornings.
Abominably, his pet project is to kill anybody involved in illegal drugs.
The writer-director creates a rich menagerie of quirky protagonists, who behave selfishly, abominably and irrationally, and are all the more believable for their failings and foibles.
Finally, being rid of the dead hand of Europe hopefully we could re-establish our links with our Commonwealth partners who we treated abominably when we favoured the EU over them.
The entire LGBT community as a whole has behaved abominably toward trans women of color, particularly the trans community itself.
They are treated abominably by their senior officers and, because of the volume of work they are expected to carry out, they are exhausted.