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the fourth compartment of the stomach of a ruminant

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Orthogonal contrasts were used to determine the significance of differences among treatments (infusion vs no infusion; ruminal vs abomasal infusion).
Effects of abomasal infusions of safflower oil or elaidic acid on blood lipids and milk fat in dairy cows.
Abomasal infusion of choline and methionine with or without 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol for lactating dairy cows.
Haemonchus contortus is one of the most pathogenic and widely distributed blood sucking abomasal nematodes of sheep and goats.
2003) reported that abomasal infusion of starch with casein increases starch degradability in the small intestine of steers.
Response of dairy cows fed grass silage diets to abomasal infusions of histidine alone or in combinations with methionine and lysine.
2003) reported that abomasal infusion of glucose (and/or starch) with soluble protein increased glucose (and/or starch) utilization in the small intestine of beef steers compared with starch infusion alone.
Abomasal infusion of unsaturated fat, relative to no fat and saturated fat infusions (Benson and Reynolds, 2001), and increasing unsaturated fat supplements linearly decreased DMI (Harvatine and Allen, 2006).
In a study with lactating cows increases in milk fat 18:2c9t11 content to abomasal infusion of a mixture of fatty acids containing 18:1111 are equivalent to proportionally 21% of the response after 18:2c9t11 infusion (Shingfield et al.
38 kg, each fitted with permanent rumen and abomasal cannulae, were re-located to the animal house and housed in individual pens with a slatted floor.
The present work aimed to study the patterns of abomasal and pancreatic enzyme secretions in grazing lambs.
The effect of abomasal infusion of casein on acetate, palmitate and glucose kinetics in cows during early lactation.
Metabolic effects of abomasal L-carnitine infusion and feed restriction in lactating Holstein cows.