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the fourth compartment of the stomach of a ruminant

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In group III, abomasal impaction was diagnosed in seven animals and abomasotomy was performed in six animals.
Debido a que la ternera llevaba casi dos dias muerta, no se pudieron evaluar las lesiones a nivel abomasal por autolisis avanzada de la mucosa.
The abomasal worm counts for the treatment group and the untreated group are presented in Table 2.
Ghrelin is a gut-derived hormone synthesized and secreted by the abomasal and ruminai tissues in ungulates (Hayashida et al.
Abomasal bloat associated with Sarcina-like bacteria in goat kids.
contortus is an abomasal nematode which imbibes approximately 0.05 mL blood/day causing anaemia, weight loss, unthriftiness and mortality during hyper-acute stage (Miller et al., 1998; Notter et al., 2003).
Abomasal nematodes of small ruminants slaughtered in Bahir Dar Town, North West Ethiopia.
It is rather difficult to measure the dietary protein digestion values, not only because of the difficulty to have animals prepared with abomasal, duodenal or ileal cannulas, but also because microbial and endogenous nitrogen is added to the protein fraction of the diet (Orskov, 1982).
The stem bark extract of Acacia oxyphylla against Ascaridia galli (Nematode), seeds of Carum capticum against gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep, aqueous and ethanolic leaf extract of Adhatoda vasica has been observed for ovicidal as well as larvicidal activity against nematodes, leaves of Artimesiabervifolia (wormwood) and Zanthxylumzanthoxyloides (Fagara a native tree from Africa) in the form of powder has been proved effective upto 65% against eggs of Haemonchuscontortus in abomasum, hay of Cassava forage has been proved effective against eggs and larva of abomasal and intestinal nematodes of sheep and goats,
Occurrence of infiltrative lipoma with remarkable abomasal ulcers in a lamb--a case report.
Previous reports showed that abomasal administration of ARG enhanced milk production in dairy cows [1], improved the nitrogen metabolism in heifers [2], and enhanced the immunity and growth performance of pre-ruminant calves [3].
She said an increased risk of type 2 ostertagiosis is also likely this winter with large numbers of larvae inhibited in the abomasal wall due to a late challenge from autumn pastures.
Abomasal wall was washed thoroughly under a stream of water from a tap and mucous membrane rubbed with thumb finger to remove any adhering worms to it in the same bucket.
were detected in the abomasal contents, and Trichostrongyle spp.