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the fourth compartment of the stomach of a ruminant

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In addition, the intake of OES with high osmolarity can slow the abomasal emptying and compromise the aboral transit of the digesta (NOURI & CONSTABLE, 2006; SEN et al.
Aaron, Nitrogen Metabolism and Somatotropin Secretion in Lambs Receiving Arginine and Ornithine Via Abomasal Infusion, J.
She said an increased risk of type 2 ostertagiosis is also likely this winter with large numbers of larvae inhibited in the abomasal wall due to a late challenge from autumn pastures.
Abomasal wall was washed thoroughly under a stream of water from a tap and mucous membrane rubbed with thumb finger to remove any adhering worms to it in the same bucket.
Oldick BS, Staples CR, Thatcher WW, Gyawu P (1997) Abomasal infusion of glucose and fat: effect on digestion production, ovarian and uterine function of cows.
were detected in the abomasal contents, and Trichostrongyle spp.
The necropsy revealed abomasal congestion, petechial hemorrhages and mucosal suffusions.
Management implications of abomasal parasites in southeastern white-tailed deer.
2010: Effect of sexual segregation on host-parasite interaction: model simulation for abomasal parasite dynamics in alpine ibex (Capra ibex).
Determination of the effect of single abomasal or jejuna inoculation of Clostridium perfringens type A in dairy cows.
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A ulcera abomasal primaria e observada em vacas leiteiras de alta producao, touros adultos e em bezerros, nos quais a causa ainda nao e bem definida.
It has expanded and new conditions like congenital vertebral malformation, erythropoietic porphyria, incarcerated umbilical hernia, bleeding calf syndrome, besnoitiosis, tail sequestrum, rib fracture, abomasal impaction, tuberculosis, cardiac tamponade from tire wire, digital dermatitis, crushed tail head, BVD/MD retinopathy, botulism, fatty liver syndrome, persistent preputial frenulum, ischemic teat necrosis, and jejunal hemorrhagic syndrome.
12] Holtenius, K, Sternbauer, K and Holtenius, P 2000: The effect of plasma glucose level on abomasal function in dairy cows.
A quantidade de compostos nitrogenados (N) no abomaso pode ser calculada dividindo-se o fluxo abomasal de N-ARN pela relacao N-ARN/N-total das bacterias isoladas no rumen.