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Synonyms for abnormality

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Synonyms for abnormality

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Synonyms for abnormality

an abnormal physical condition resulting from defective genes or developmental deficiencies

retardation sufficient to fall outside the normal range of intelligence

marked strangeness as a consequence of being abnormal

behavior that breaches the rule or etiquette or custom or morality

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Down syndrome abnormality is found most commonly in the infants, which can lead to serious problems including respiratory, hematological and cardiac diseases.16
A total of 220 children with the diagnosis of epilepsy underwent MRI examination within six months of diagnosis; of whom 131 (59.55%) had no abnormality detected by the MRI.
If there is some abnormality in this development/regression of the two-umbilical vein system, ADV occurs, in which oxygenated blood supply to the liver may decrease (Figure 3(c)).
As no other type of rib abnormality than bifid ribs was observed in 49(7.5%) cases, these were all evaluated as a simple rib abnormality.
Nature of abnormality Frequency Relative frequency (%) Ovarian hypoplasia 10 32.3 Endometritis 5 16.1 Pyometra 5 16.1 Ovarian cysts 2 6.5 Salpingitis 2 6.5 Granular vulvovaginitis 2 6.5 Vaginitis 1 3.2 Haematosalpinx 1 3.2 Hydrometra 1 3.2 Mummified foetus 1 3.2 Cervical atresia 1 3.2 Vaginitis 1 3.2 Total 31 -- Table 2: Overall occurrence of urinary organ abnormalities in does.
In each pregnancy complicated by a congenital abnormality the observed values for CRL and/or EV were subtracted from the expected mean of CRL and EV for GA.
In this study, with 75% associated congenital abnormalities, 42.7% had a major omphalocoele and 38.4% had a minor omphalocoele associated with a congenital abnormality. The associated abnormalities did not correlate with the defect size as shown by Groves et al.
Among men with HIV, anal cell abnormality rates were higher among men with lower current CD4 counts.
Both these groups were comparable in terms of age and other sociodemographic factors [Table 1] and were studied independently for the presence of menstrual abnormality. A note was also made of the type of menstrual abnormality in these two groups.
Over half of the patients were found to have a soft-tissue abnormality (58%).
Based on these findings, hysteroscopy should be limited to women with clinical symptoms or ultrasound findings that suggest an abnormality in the uterine cavity, but hysteroscopy should not be performed routinely in all women who have a history of multiple miscarriages, said Dr.
Ten years ago, we discovered an unusual genetic abnormality in around two per cent of patients, known as IAMP21, which gave them a much higher risk of relapse.
Other abnormality in cheliped such aspresence of two additional dactylii in the left
According to Boston Children's Hospital and Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health's Dr Jhodie Duncan, the research suggests that the abnormality leaves the toddlers unable to adequately respond when faced with a stressor while sleeping.