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Synonyms for abnormality

Synonyms for abnormality

Synonyms for abnormality

an abnormal physical condition resulting from defective genes or developmental deficiencies

retardation sufficient to fall outside the normal range of intelligence

marked strangeness as a consequence of being abnormal

behavior that breaches the rule or etiquette or custom or morality

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Congenital abnormalities of the ribs can be classified as numerical or structural.
The presence of chromosomal abnormalities in this study was <10%.
Functional kidney disorders and structural urinary tract abnormalities are the significant problems in pediatric age group.
1 percent had cervical abnormalities, compared with 11.
In our study, we found that incidence of menstrual abnormalities was similar in tubectomized and nontubectomized individuals.
Operative findings at surgery that were considered to be contributory to symptomatology (Table 4) include bony abnormalities, abnormal muscle configurations and brachial plexus abnormalities.
Our aim is to raise awareness of cardiac conditions among unborn babies to the same level as that of neurological, renal and genetic abnormalities such as Down syndrome.
Prespecified analyses of the outcomes in the subgroup of women who had routine hysteroscopy showed no statistically significant differences in the pregnancy or live-birth rates of the women with or without significant uterine abnormalities identified by hysteroscopy or in the women with or without subtle uterine abnormalities, Dr.
Naturally Ccurring morphological abnormalities or deformities in crustaceans are not rare and the most common abnormalities reported in the literature are modifications on carapace (Ahmed and Ahmed, 1966; Tirmizi, 1967; Hugo and Michel,2005; Gregati and Negreiros-Fransozo, 2009), chelipeds (Shuster Jr.
4) 2D echo abnormalities were more common among hemorrhage group (75%) than in infarct group (44.
Cytogenetic abnormalities in ALL are classified into three risk subgroups: (1) good; (2) intermediate; and (3) poor prognosis groups.
The high value of obstetric claims, including those for missed abnormalities, is reflected in the cost of indemnity for obstetricians and those performing antenatal ultrasound.
Published in Reproductive BioMedicine Online, the study showed how abnormalities in five-day old human blastocysts can be identified by the rate at which they have developed, meaning the researchers could establish risk of genetic abnormality without a biopsy.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Migraines are related to brain abnormalities present at birth and others that develop over time, a new study suggested.
This study was undertaken to find out the pattern of epithelial cell abnormalities in Pap smears carried out in a tertiary care hospital of Eastern Region in Saudi Arabia.