abnormal psychology

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the branch of psychology concerned with abnormal behavior

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At the same time, a study conducted by Edwards indicated that the symptoms of depression and anxiety were significant independent predictors of worse pain and function after controlling for relevant covariates.14 Subsequently, in this study we suggest again that psychological intervention is critical for patients with LDH, especially for those female patients with severe pain and longer disease duration, as they may experience more abnormal psychology.
Teaching abnormal psychology "will often fall on the broad shoulders of a graduate student, new faculty member, or faculty member that does not have extensive clinical training" (Sieracki, 2009, p.
In our classes on projective techniques and abnormal psychology under the late Fr.
Based on course descriptions, all the classes were coded under the appropriate abbreviated name (e.g., "Ab" for Abnormal Psychology, "ChAdol" for Child and Adolescent development, etc.).
The second-year curriculum includesSpecial Topics in Occupational Therapy, Psychosocial Dysfunction Principles& Techniques, Physical Dysfunction Principles & Techniques II, and Abnormal Psychology.
The study is published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology.
Abnormal psychology: The problem of maladaptive behavior (8th ed).
The present study evaluates student satisfaction with a reflective paper integrating the students' own experiences in an undergraduate abnormal psychology class.
The newspaper had apparently condemned Jakunin for saying that homosexuals have an "abnormal psychology."
Mazzaglia wrote him jailhouse letters saying he was catching up on episodes of the television documentary series ''I Almost Got Away With It,'' and reading books on abnormal psychology and interrogation techniques.
This book is intended as a reference for graduate students and clinicians in clinical psychology, clinical social work, counseling, and psychiatry; it can also be used as a text in courses in psychopathology, abnormal psychology, human behavior, and social work and mental health.
For example, in a widely used textbook on abnormal psychology, Seligman and Rosenhan (1998) concluded that "the selectivity and irrationality of phobias suggest that phobias are not instances of ordinary classical conditioning" (p.
In abnormal psychology textbooks, for example, the description of premodern understandings of psychopathology typically focus on demon possession, the burning of witches, and the mistreatment of people with psychosis and mental impairment (Comer, 2009; Holmes, 1997).
The intriguing topics and informative descriptions in Abnormal Psychology include commonly referenced disorders and how they are treated.