abnormal psychology

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the branch of psychology concerned with abnormal behavior

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Same with the candles, a futon, three used baseball gloves, four near-new motorcycle helmets, a bunch of curtain rods and curtains, several kids' bikes and the aforementioned book on abnormal psychology.
6] It is also worth noting that abnormal psychology is often a euphemism for discussing so-called criminal minds.
I was pleased to be offered my first study choice of Abnormal Psychology which should be really interesting.
Course topics range from abnormal psychology and suicide intervention to effective communication and intelligence management.
All participants were volunteers and registered for one of six undergraduate psychology classes (Introductory Psychology, Psychological Measurement, Abnormal Psychology, Research Designs and Methods, Psychology of Personality or Senior Research Seminar).
Essentials of abnormal psychology in a changing world.
One of the best chapters defines abnormal psychology, mental illnesses, and personality disorders most common to hostage-takers, including antisocial personality, borderline personality, schizophrenia, psychosis, and depression.
In tracing the evolution of photographic representations of race, the catalogue notes photography's early alliance with the 19th-century pseudosciences of physiognomy and phrenology, which attempted to classify people on the basis of such external traits as facial features or skull shape, as well as with the more respectable but no less politically fraught disciplines of ethnography, criminology and abnormal psychology.
He calls Karen Hughes a liar who would make "a fascinating chapter in an abnormal psychology, textbook" because she accused him of inventing the words he quoted George W.
Honors students who enjoyed studying the topic of abnormal psychology also enjoyed studying sleep and hypnosis (r=+.
Gotlib of Stanford University and his colleagues report in the May Journal of Abnormal Psychology.
Bint was last night branded a "primary psychopath" by Dr Gordon Claridge, professor in abnormal psychology at Oxford University.
In recognition of this problem, the FBI recently modified the abnormal psychology portion of its basic crisis negotiation course to downplay the use of labels.
For $39, students may take a three-unit class in Investments, Human Biological Evolution, Western Civilization, Abnormal Psychology, Government of the United States and Introduction to Philosophy.
Anxiety, Depression, and Assertion Across Alternating Intervals of Stress," Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Vol.